Halfway Through!

August seems to be the marker for halfway through the school year here. August also means a slightly slower pace for us. Guests are all gone, everything is back in its normal routine, and only one special event for the month. So, here’s our August plans:

  • I am down 3 students now – one is permanent, two are gone for three weeks. My preschooler’s parents have decided (with my 100% agreement) that she needs to learn how to read and write in Spanish for now and then we’ll start again with English in a year or two. As for the other two – every year, BCM leads camps for a church in Cuenca, Ecuador, and this year, we sent quite a few of our missionaries up there to help out, including some of our best friends, the Baillys. They decided to take their two kids, Jeremy and Janelle, with them for this experience. That’s the joy of homeschooling these kids – they get educated, but have the opportunity most kids don’t, which is to take time off to go do ministry with their families. Jeremy will be helping extensively with camps and Janelle will even get to be a camper (she was thrilled about that). They’ll be back at the end of August. So until then, I just have two: Dana and Diana. I have some special things planned and I’m honestly looking forward to a more casual pace and one-on-one time with these two.
  • Brian is drawing up plans for a new house on campus, building a door for a storage shed, getting estimates on a floor for another storage shed, and building doors for our kitchen cabinets since Little Miss Handsy is into EVERYTHING now. I’m sure his to-do list is much longer than those few items, but I really am not sure what else he is planning on!
  • I am involved in a couple other projects right now, too, that I would appreciate your prayers for as I work on completing them:
  1. At the end of August is our annual women’s retreat for our church plants. I wrote one of the skits we’ll be presenting and Shantal translated it into Spanish. Now, I have to work on memorizing my lines in Spanish! This will be the first time I’ve memorized and performed anything in Spanish! I’m a little nervous, to be honest!
  2. I have until the beginning of September to finish writing the Bible lessons for summer camps 2012. So far, I have written ONE. I have three more to write. Please pray that I will be able to finish these in a timely manner. 
  3. I also need to look at a drama the Bible school kids will be performing at our annual Family Fair in December and revise a couple sections, as soon as possible so we can finish casting and get rolling on rehearsals. 
Pray for our August, that we would use our time wisely and get things accomplished. Watch your inboxes for an e-update the end of this week!
pssst~ August 18 also means Brian’s birthday! If you’re friends on Facebook especially, be sure to say “Happy Birthday”! 🙂 

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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