What a great week! 

The 3 men from North Carolina began putting our floor down Monday morning and finished Tuesday evening. It looks stunning! Just gorgeous! Elena is crawling like crazy, all over the place, and she has begun walking while holding onto just one hand, plus coasting across all the furniture. She has made leaps and bounds in her walking and crawling just this week since the floor got put down. We are so grateful to this team! I’m positive they will never fully understand how much we appreciate all their work.

Also this week was Conoce al IBYM. It went really well this year. We had over 80 teens come from various districts around Lima, including the northern district (about 3 hours away) which will hopefully open doors for us to work more in that area. The first night, five teens went forward for the altar call and the last night, an additional 8 went forward to receive Christ. Also the last night, at least 17 went forward to commit their lives to fulltime missions. God was definitely working in this crowd of teens. The two dramas I helped coach went off very well! I’m very proud of them! Friday night, Bekah and I sang a duet as well while I played the piano to accompany us. Even though I was terrified to do so, in the end I’m glad I stepped out and did that!

While CAI was going on, the team took apart a storage shed and moved it to another part of the campus. Where it had been put originally (back in December) was not conducive to a permanent floor for a variety of reasons. So, it was decided it needed to be moved to a new location where a floor could be put underneath it. They did in two days what would take Brian more than a week to do. They’re so helpful!!

And now for August! For most of August I will be teaching just two students. My preschooler will be learning how to read and write in Spanish for now, so that frees me up substantially. Then, some of our co-workers are heading to Cuenca, Ecuador, for 2 weeks of camps and Jeremy and Janelle will be joining their parents. This may seem like life will be slower, but I intend to work quite diligently with my two girls one-on-one during these weeks.

Tomorrow we say goodbye toBekah. =( We loved having her with us this month and will miss having her around! She was such a big help. If visiting us for an extended lenght of time (or ANY amount of time) interests you, please don’t hesitate to ask us how to make that possible! We’d love to have you and there’s plenty around here to do!

Thanks for praying for us this week! Enjoy this slideshow of the week!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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