Fun Week!

We are having a blast this week! Let’s see…

  • We have 8 visitors from the States with us this week – Rebekah, a group of 5 from North Carolina, and 2 girls from PA
  • The group from NC offered to do something for us that we absolutely least expected: put down our laminant floor downstairs!! They saw our house when they got here and were talking to us about when we were going to do an actual floor. In the course of the conversation, the leader said, “Well, while we’re here, can we do your floor for you?” Our director thought it was a great idea, so Brian and I went and purchased the flooring last week and yesterday morning, they began laying it down. At this moment, they’re basically done; all we’re missing is some trim around the tile in the kitchen. It looks AMAZING [seriously like a picture from a magazine – so pretty!]. We are so, so grateful this group of guys. I made them dessert… doesn’t seem like a big enough thank you.
  • I don’t have school this week because it’s all about Conoce al IBYM! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I have been/am/will be working with Shantal Odicio on the dramas for the event. They’re coming along SO well! I’m so proud of the work the kids have put into the dramas in spite of all their other activities.
  • We were lacking just one more drama, so Shantal and I decided to do one that was done for one of the socials this year. But, instead of using more IBYM students, we drew from the guests and us! So, it’s Shantal, Bekah, one of the girls from NC, my student Dana, her mother Ana, and myself! We’re doing a choreography to a Spanish song called “Mi Creador, Mi Rey”, but it’s all with black lights, white gloves, and florescent streamers. Gorgeous. We’re still practicing, but it’s coming along really well!
  • Conoce al IBYM begins tomorrow mid-morning! The campus is alive with preparations – decorations, cleaning, organizing, setting up beds, preparing food, painting… you name it, they’re doing it today! Tomorrow is also Peru’s Independence Day, so everything is all red and white.
Please continue to pray for Conoce al IBYM! Pray for Pastor Jon as he presents the challenges each morning and evening. Pray for our students as they are counselors in the rooms. Pray for a good group of kids who will not only come and see the Bible school, but be challenged in their walks with God and, for those that haven’t yet, actually give their hearts to the Lord as well. 

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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