While the baby sleeps…

Brian is out this evening making [yet another] airport run! So while he’s away and the baby sleeps, I thought I’d show you a few pictures from our recent weeks.

Here is Bekah, our beautiful 16 year old visitor for the month! Here she is working with the girls and their reading one afternoon.

Diana, Janelle, and Bekah

Bekah also did an art project with the girls. They were studying all the deep sea creatures and she thought it would be fun to make the creatures out of salt dough. They made a few creatures and then a few other fun things and a few days later, they painted them together.

The dough before

The girls enjoyed this art activity as well as their regular once a month art class with co-worker, Becky. This month, they ripped colored paper in order to make pictures. Turned out really nice!

Becky showing all the girls their project
ripping the piles of colored paper
a few of the finished product

Today was the 2nd book report of the year for my older kids. They had to turn in book jackets. They did a great job!

Jeremy with "Prince Caspian"
Dana with "Five True Dog Stories"

While I’ve been busy in the school, Brian’s been busy outside. One of his tasks this past week was to put a concrete base around quite a few electrical poles around campus. This will keep them much more sturdy. He has to do all his concrete by hand (no machines here unless you wanna pay piles of money!), even big projects. So, here’s how he does it, even for the bigger projects:

#1: Pour the cement into the wheelbarrow.
#2: Add sand and mix with the shovel.
#3: Add water.
#4: Mix again.
#5: Pour into the mold, a make-shift wooden box, removable after the concrete dries.
#6: Even out the concrete and wait for it to dry!

Elena has not been feeling well. This cold she has is dragging on and on, poor thing. She’s not sleeping well and is kind of a goopy, snotty mess these days. But, she’s acting fine during the day – just a lot of sleeping. She’ll be okay; but please pray that this cold gets out of her system soon! This week, she went to a birthday party for two other missionary boys here on campus. It was a superhero theme and I, being the oober creative mom that I am, dressed her up as “Cow Girl!” She ended up being called “La Vaca Maravilla” (Wonder Cow) and that’s fine. Here she is in her cute little costume:

Tonight, Brian is picking up two young college-age girls coming to visit Pennies for Peru. Tomorrow evening, two of our guests will be returning from their two weeks in Iquitos. Sunday morning, the rest of that group, plus Bekah, will be returning from Iquitos.

Wednesday through Saturday is… Conoce al IBYM!! Please pray for this event! I’m working with two dramas and they’re coming along G.R.E.A.T.! I’m having a blast and the kids are doing really well. They can be very effective… as long as we have teens come to see it! Pray for a good attendance!

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