Hosting and Illness and Prep…

I should definitely be in bed (you’ll understand why after you read this), but since this is the first moment I’ve had to update the blog, I figured I better do it now!

We had a lovely, wonderful week with Bekah. She was a big, big help to me in the classroom. I asked her Monday if she felt confident enough to take over an afternoon of teaching by herself and she offered me THREE afternoons of teaching for me! I was able to get her all set up and then I spent my afternoons as follows: Tuesday, I supervised the cleaning/setting up of the guest rooms for 2 men that flew in from the States. Wednesday, I worked on Bible lessons for camps 2012. Thursday I unshamelessly (is that a word?) read a book for a solid 15 minutes and promptly fell sound asleep before I went to help with tryouts for Bible school dramas! Bliss, let me tell you. My little girls enjoyed the break from their “normal” teacher and routine and did some fun art projects. Bekah had a blast, but I know by Friday, she was exhausted! She worked so hard last week!

I haven’t been involved in lots of drama basically since MY Bible school days, but I really enjoy it, so my friend, Shantal, and I are working together to get the skits ready for Conoce al IBYM which is next week! One is a skit I did in Bible school and I’m loving being able to be on THIS side, coaching and guiding. We have one more skit to get ready for next week. They should be really good!

Visitors have been literally coming and going this past week. Teams are landing here, then flying to the jungle, then coming back here for a week, then going home. So, it’s a little complicated, but it’s working! Brian and I love, love, love being hosts and showing people around and having them down to our house for coffee and brownies and good [English!] conversation. Currently, all our guests are in Iquitos for the week and will be returning on Sunday. Friday arrives a few more girls who are coming to visit specifically Pennies for Peru, so it’ll be a busy campus this next week!

Illness hit us kind of hard… wow, can’t even remember how long ago now. Thankfully, it’s just a cold, but I think my body is fighting against getting a bad ear infection and/or sinus infection. Brian’s ears are plugged, too. Elena is very, very congested. We were woken up at 1:30am by a coughing, gagging baby who proceeded in vomiting up loads of phlegm. Gross, but at least it’s coming out. This kept us up for quite awhile and then Brian needed to be up shortly after 3am in order to have his coffee before leaving with the group at 4am for the airport and to pick up returning students from the bus company at 7:30am. He was back by 8:30, but he’s still exhausted. I didn’t sleep well either and I had to teach all day plus work with the skit, so I really should be sleeping since I do it all over again tomorrow! 🙂

Conoce al IBYM is, like I said, coming up fast. It begins Wednesday, the 27th. Please pray for this event! Pray for our students (many have rehearsals every night from 9-11, on top of their regular schedules). Pray for the invitees. Pray for good (not horribly cold/rainy) weather! Pray for our speaker (one of the guests from the States currently in the jungle). Thank you!

Next post, pictures! For now… bed!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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