Saturday in the Southern Hemisphere

Ah, the weekend! Our week has been good, but weekends are always something to look forward to!

Sunday night found us welcoming Rebekah Zimmerman to our home. She is 16 and her mom is actually the Children’s Ministry Director for BCM Int’l. She is here in Peru on a missions trip for the entire month of July. [Let me just say, she is much braver than I was when I was 16!] What’s doubly exciting is that Bekah came to help… me! I didn’t really realize that until she arrived and I found out that yes, she came to be in my school! If I’d known, I would’ve had so much more prepared for her to do! šŸ™‚ This week, she was a big help in just being in the school and doing whatever I threw at her. She’s a really great sport and has jumped in using her Spanish and teaching all of my kids. Last night, we threw a pizza party/game night at my house for all the kids which was a big hit. This Friday, we’re thinking we’ll do sandwiches (another food that the kids don’t normally eat here) and games again. Fun fun!

Bekah will be helping me in the classroom again this week, then heading for the jungle on the 17th and will be in Iquitos for a week. When she gets home, it’s prep time for Conoce al IBYM and then her month is done! Time goes so fast, doesn’t it?

Brian did a bunch of shopping this week for the campus. He had to unexpectedly fix a couple of poles that hold up giant lights for the main soccer field (for night games) that just fell over one night. They were on his to-do list because he knew they were going. Well, they went! Two giant poles just fell over, smashing expensive light fixtures. BUT have no fear – my amazing husband pieced back together one of the lights saving BCM a few hundred soles. šŸ™‚ His hands are covered (and I mean C.O.V.E.R.E.D.) in blisters, but the work is done!

Today, Brian and Bekah went with Compartiendo to their Saturday afternoon show. I was supposed to go with them (I’m doing some writing for them and needed to see the show live), but Elena is so sick and I’m working on getting a miserable cold, so I needed to stay home. Elena started running a fever of 100+ Wednesday night and just hasn’t been the same since. Normally a cold means more teeth, but this time, we’re pretty sure it’s just a nasty cold. She’s got a horrible cough and when she breathes, she’s all wheezy… think like that penguin on Toy Story 2 who’s going to get sold because his squeaker doesn’t work – yeah, that’s what she sounds like right now. Poor baby. She’s very clingy, very sleepy, and just a big drippy goopy wheezy mess. Praise the Lord for Vicks Baby Rub and a patient, helpful husband who walked her around most of the night! Pray she gets well soon, though. It’s no fun having a sick baby. šŸ˜¦

Hope you all had a nice 4th of July celebration! We ate burgers at a Peruvian burger joint, Bembos. Good food, fewer dishes. šŸ˜‰


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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