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Brian saw my last post and told me, “You never write about the school!” I honestly thought all I EVER wrote about was the school… until I looked back through and realized it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything substantial about the school. Woops. So, here’s some of my life, school and otherwise:

The big news for my school: we got new furniture! I wish I could express to you how wonderful this is. The furniture my kids were using was okay, but it was not ideal. The chairs hurt, the desks were too big, the tables were old and beat up, the benches were uncomfortable… the list goes on. But, to purchase new furniture was just not in the budget, therefore not a priority. But, some of YOU were extremely generous and we were able to purchase new furniture this month. The first picture is for my preschooler and two first graders. The bottom picture is for my high schooler and my 4th grader. Thank you Thank you Thank you! This has changed the ambiance of the school and has made the kids kind of OWN their classroom. They’re PROUD of their school and that feels good.

A visitor from the States knew some ballet from years ago and yet she was generous enough to give a few lessons to my girls. They were ecstatic! Literally since I got here in 2009, they’ve been begging me for ballet lessons (especially my oldest). But, I have absolutely NO background in any sort of dance, so I couldn’t do anything about it. This was totally a gift from our Abba Father. I seriously think this goes to show that our Heavenly Father cares about even the tiniest desires of our hearts. I wish I could’ve captured the joy on these girls’ faces in a jar to open on dreary days when we wonder why God brought us here. It was so beautiful. So joyful.

In 1st grade, we are reading through Genesis. We spent a week on Noah’s Ark and I remembered that in like 7th grade, we went outside and actually measured the Ark in the parking lot at school. It was something so visual that I still remember today how BIG the Ark was, so I thought that would be something fun for the little girls to do in order to bring it to life. So, we got our trusty handyman and measured out the Ark! It gave the girls a really clear visual (especially since one is a very visual learner) of the Ark and hopefully it will be something they remember for a very long time.

If you read our newsletter from May, you know that I am now working with a dyslexic child. She is one of my first graders and it’s been really tough getting used to this new dynamic. A friend here found, totally by accident, a book on Dyslexia at an annual yard sale at an English school. This has been extremely helpful, especially paired with all the emails I got from some of you (and some of your friends!). I am still unsure of myself as I teach her, but we seem to be making progress.

The more I teach this year and plan for next year, the more I realize that I need help. Even if just for a few months at a time (I’d even take a few weeks at a time!), I need someone (or someoneS) to come and help me. Next year (school year begins in April for me) I will be teaching more kids and I just don’t have enough hands! Are you interested or know someone who might be? Contact me and I’ll get you in touch with BCM Peru and BCM Int’l to get the ball rolling. If you don’t know anybody, please at least be praying for this situation!

On top of school, I’ve really wanted to be involved in other ministries. But, I’m in the classroom from 9-5, Monday through Friday, and weekends is filled with being with my family, getting other stuff done, and planning the next week. Weekends for everyone else is filled with ministry and travel! This is just not a possibility for me (or Brian) with our how ministries are set up. So, I have discovered that I can be involved through… writing! I love writing and I’m so happy that I can be included behind the scenes (which is what I like anyway). Right now, I’m writing: 4 Bible lessons for summer camps 2012 (on Gideon) and a video presentation for Pennies for Peru for Christmas (in English). I’m also helping with: a skit/mime for a women’s retreat in August and a play for the family fair in December. This week, I will be helping with “casting” (a first ever thing here at IBYM! Very cool) for skits that will happen during the open house the end of this month. I will also be helping coach a skit that I used to be the lead for back in MY Bible school days. A friend translated it into Spanish and it’ll be performed for the first time here at the open house. I’m so excited to get to help coach! If done well, this skit is really powerful.

And my other “job”….

Well, this one keeps me running. Literally. This past Friday, she slipped while crawling on my cement floor down at the school and her pacifier sliced open her upper gums, so you can imagine the blood pouring from this beautiful little face and the absolute terror that ran through her mama as she RAN home and then RAN back across campus looking for her father! Praise the LORD it was just a few cuts and nothing major like losing a tooth (which with that much blood, I would not have been surprised). She’s doing okay now, but still having trouble sleeping and is still sore.

Elena goes with me in the mornings, unless Brian can take her. She’s with her babysitter (an IBYM student) in the afternoons. Lately, however, Eva was away on a missions trip with her class and this week, she will have rehearsals for something else. So, Brian and I trade back and forth in the afternoons and I let my 9th grader, Jeremy, babysit a lot, too! Sometimes it’s hard juggling and yes, sometimes I need to cancel classes because she gets just too fussy. But, we’re making it work and it’s miles upon miles better than working a “regular” 9-5 job and putting her in “real” daycare. She is definitely a people person, though, and normally is all smiles for everyone. I must say, out of everyone she’s around all day, her favorites are hands-down her babysitter, Eva, and my 9th grader, Jeremy! You just have to say their names and she starts looking for them! 🙂

So, that’s me. I hope this satisfies Brian. 🙂 Thanks for reading all this! Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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