Brian’s Recent Project

Brian’s job as “maintenance man” covers a huge variety of things, as you well know. Most recently, his project was to fix some of our power poles. Here he is with his faithful helper, my 9th grader, Jeremy.

A few of our power poles were breaking, so Brian shut the power off one morning and went to work installing new posts and rehanging the electrical wires.

Jeremy likes helping Brian out, especially when it gets him out of Algebra class!

220v is not Brian’s favorite thing in the world, so even though *maybe* he didn’t *need* to shut off power to the entire campus, his motto is, “Better safe than sorry.” [and I’m okay with that]

The whole project took most of the morning, but at least now we’re not worried about power poles falling over on us.

Last week, Brian worked on building an extra music storage building that doubles as a sound booth for our outdoor chapel. We really needed a place to store (safely) the music instruments and sound supplies – somewhere where they could just stay put instead of having to move them each time they were needed outside. Brian organized and supervised the small building as it was put up and as concrete was laid for the floor. He finished the roof yesterday and the electricity for it at the end of last week. Now, all the sound can be controled from inside this building (it has a large window facing the chapel).

In his free time, he’s also worked quite a bit on our house. He fixed the tile in our downstairs bathroom floor (it had begun to pop up for some reason). He built a sliding gate for the top of our stairs since our little inchworm has gotten fast! He finished enclosing the tops of both our bathrooms (neither one had walls that reached the ceiling). Everything is ready for our laminate flooring and when we finally have a chance to go buy it, we’ll do so! And he has everything for building cabinet doors for our kitchen (he’s just lacking time to do so).

His goal is to get the house as “done” as possible because this Sunday, a girl from PA will be coming to Peru for 5 whole weeks! She’ll be living with us for 4 of those weeks (1 will be spent in Iquitos). We’ve never had a house guest for longer than 2 weeks, so you can pray for us (and her!). She will be helping Lisa a lot in the school and then joining the Bible school and other ministries on the weekends.

Today our little inchworm turns 9 months old! In celebration of that fact, here she is (I mean, really, did you think I’d end an entire post with no pictures of Elena?!):

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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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