Aniverfather’s Day

This was a nice weekend. Friday, we participated in the monthly “social” event at the Bible School. The theme was “In the Beginning” and each missionary family represented a different day of Creation. Brian and I were a mix. I was an angel and Brian was involved in a skit, so he was a lion (we think…the costume was a little ambiguous). At the end, there was a few special things for Father’s Day, so my little girls sang, said a memory verse and then handed out the gifts they’d made their dads in “art” class that morning. To see pictures from the event, check out this link:

Saturday was our 6th Anniversary. Yup, 6! And here’s the pride of our 6 years together:

We spent the day doing nothing important at all and it was wonderful. We’re so busy anymore that having a whole day together where we can focus on nothing but spending time together is just bliss. We went to our mall which is much bigger than anything near where we lived in the States and spent the day wandering around there. We had a nice dinner and then came home. We’re simple; that was all we needed.

Today was Father’s Day (hence the “Aniverfather’s Day“). We were invited to lunch at the house of the pastor of the church we attend. He and his wife have been missionaries in Peru (not associated with BCM) for 42 years! They had lots of stories and it was fun getting to know them. Two of their (adult) children, with their 8 children, also live here so they were with us, as well as another young missionary couple from the States (also not with BCM). The other couple had a 3mo old baby boy and have only been in Peru a few years as well. It was nice spending time with ex-pats and hearing stories of Peru 30 years ago. We had a nice American meal, talked in English, and came home in the RAIN – it truly felt like we were back in the States! 🙂

The rest of this week was busy and nice, too. We got something this week that just THRILLED Brian to the CORE:


We live in the desert and the ground in front of our house is actually not conducive to growing actual grass. A neighbor here sells sod, but for the last two years, it’s been way too expensive for us. Brian just arbitrarily checked with the guy on Monday and found out that if we could come get it ourselves, we could have it for DIRT cheap (no pun intended). So, Monday was spent hauling sod and laying it down in our front yard! Yes, it looks a little goofy, but it’s SO nice having real grass out front. Brian put up a makeshift fence on Tuesday to keep out the kids (but it, unfortunately, doesn’t stop the cows). It makes our house look so much more homey and complete. We love it.

Brian also worked on electricity this week, but that will have to wait for another day. Watch for another post this week about some of what Brian’s been up to! 

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, too!


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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