New President

The election is basically over. The results came in much faster than I expected. I think some of the farthest mountain cities may not have been counted yet, but Ollanta was winning by enough of a margin and those cities are all Ollanta supporters that I think they have called it. So, Ollanta Humala is the official new president of Peru.

What does this mean for us? Well, we’re not sure. He has recanted a lot of what he was touting during the race and as well when he ran for President five years ago and lost. No one that we work with trusts him. The people of Lima (the majority of which voted for him) are not happy he’s in office. There are a myriad of rumors of what this will mean for the country as a whole.

At this point, we are just going to wait and see. There is no point in speculating about things that may or may not happen. There is definitely no point in worrying about the future. God has obviously ordained that he be president and so we will continue on knowing that He is in ultimate control of the leaders of this world.

Please continue to pray for the people of Peru. Pray for the new president – he will take over leadership sometime in July.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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