End of another month

May is coming to an end. Here’s a quick look at our month:

  • Our good friends, Robert and Zarela (in charge of Pennies for Peru), had their baby boy, Caleb Miguel, on May 4. The pregnancy was touch and go for quite awhile and we were all so thankful when Caleb was born healthy. My mother-in-law and I went shopping quite a bit for Caleb and it’s so nice to see them able to use the things we picked up for them. Here’s a picture of Elena meeting her new friend, a week after he was born. You can still pray for Caleb; he’s got a few little health issues that need to be regulated.

  • Brian was able to officially step back from being head of administration, which is actually a big relief. It was so much work on top of everything else he has going on! So now, he can really focus on maintenance.
  • I continued with “extra activities” on Fridays for my school. We do a Friday each of art, music, and gym. A friend is currently helping teach music and Brian will be helping with gym in June. It’s been an adventure, but so far so good!
  • Brian has finished our kitchen floor. We’re painting and he’s building cabinets and doors (Yay!!) and then it’ll be all put back together.

  • Elena took her first spill. She and her babysitter, Eva, were rocking and something happened and the rocking chair’s arm broke. As Eva leaned into the arm, it fell (sideways) and then the entire thing just CRUMBLED on top of them. They’re okay; the chair is now a table in Elena’ s room (Brian repurposed it!). Elena had a pretty nasty bump and Eva had a horrible headache for a few days, but nothing else happened. Praise God! It could’ve been so much worse.

  • My kids turned in their first book reports of the year. This is H.U.G.E. for my kids. Just the fact that they’re reading BOOKS is a big step. My 9th grader is reading “The Chronicles of Narnia”, in English, and loving them. For the first time in 3 years, I got my kids to write succinct book reports, in English, with a cover page and proper intro and concluding paragraphs. Yay! They even turned in rough drafts! So proud of them!


So far for June, we know:

~I’m helping with a baby shower

~We are helping put on a “social” (an event in the Bible School, every month, where the students dress up, play games, get awards for the month; this month, the married missionaries on campus will be putting the event together)

~Visitors begin arriving! With the Stateside summer months upon us, that means we will begin to have a steady stream of visitors here. Visitors are fun. 🙂

~Finishing our floor and a few other odds and ends around the house.

~Writing for Pennies for Peru (me)

~Honestly, I don’t know Brian’s to-do list this month, but trust me, he’s got one and it’s full. My goal this month is to get pictures of the projects he’s doing around campus so you can get a visual of his job.

Thanks for tracking with us! A newsletter is long overdue; we’ll try to get that out this week. I leave you with our 8month old cuteness:


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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