Mother’s Day


We’re still here! 

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I thought I’d give you a little taste into how it’s celebrated here. For some reason, Mother’s Day is huge here. We’ve heard differing stories as to why that is. Some think it’s the Catholic influence (therefore, something to do with Mary). Others think it’s the American influence (whatever the U.S. does, Peru does – sometimes even bigger). Some think it’s because this is more of a matriarchal society. Whatever the case, it’s big here! Churches do recognitions, the stores get all decked out, there are huge sales on stuff like appliances, and Moms get acknowledged all over the place. Kind of fun, actually… if you’re a mom. The first year I was here and we weren’t pregnant or even sure I could get pregnant, that Mother’s Day was a bit rough! Now…. it’s fun! 🙂

Here at the Bible School, there’s a nice celebration for the moms. We did it on Friday and it was a blast. They even made a really nice tribute to all the moms here on campus, with pictures of us with our kids and the things everyone here appreciates about us. One of the Bible School guys sang a special about moms. They played a game with the moms and their “adopted kids”.

The moms had to feed the “kids” while both were blindfolded. Um..HILARIOUS. 🙂 That about sums that up.

My school kids were to have a special, but unfortunately, I got a stomach bug on Thursday and was sick Thursday and most of Friday, so they just weren’t quite ready for it. Instead, the girls did a “choreography” (basically hand motions to a song) they had practised for a different event earlier this month. They did such a good job!

The song was called “No es confiar” (“that’s not trust”) and talked about how “trust” is not putting one hand in God’s and then turning your back. Or, trust is not praying and then worrying. And then the chorus talked about what trust really is. They did a great job!

[These are the girls I teach (minus the one Bible school girl in the middle): Dana, Adriana, Diana, and Janelle. I also teach Janelle’s older brother, Jeremy, and another boy, Jared. Dana, Adriana, and Diana are sisters.]

They ended the evening with giving away gift baskets to some of the moms and recognizing our two cooks who really do sacrifice a lot to cook for the Bible school. One of those cooks is the mother of girl who takes care of Elena for us in the afternoons:

Eva and DorisMeet Eva and Doris. Eva is a 2nd year Bible school student that we are helping support. She cleans our house and watches Elena in the afternoons and we pay half her monthly tuition and help her out with other odds and ends during the year. She’s from Iquitos and is 19 and probably one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. Her mother, Doris, is one of the cooks here for the second year in a row. Doris is very quiet; she’s had a tough life. Her testimony is amazing. She is finally opening up to Brian and I and even comes down to the house sometimes to visit and play with Elena. We need to get a picture of  Elena with Doris – it really feels like two separate worlds are colliding. Doris is very much from the jungle; Elena is very all-American! 🙂 We are so grateful for Eva and all she does to help us out. She feels like part of our family.

~And that’s Mother’s Day here in Peru! It’s quite the celebration. We were out today to do some errands and the traffic was unbelievable. It took us about an hour to go the distance that normally takes about 15 minutes. Unbelievable! Welcome to Lima on a holiday weekend!~

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know I will. 🙂

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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