We have wonderful news! Our internet has been restored! It’s absolutely amazing how disconnected you feel when internet is just plain not available for an extended period of time. We were thankful for the few times we were able to get online since we got here because of some friends’ generosity, but there is just nothing like having internet available to you all the time. Our connection is noticeably faster now, too! So, we should be able to upload photos and keep in touch with monthly updates better than even the last two years.

We have been super, overloaded busy this month, getting back into the swing of Bible school life. Brian has a new gardener and a new night guard, plus the 20 first year Bible school students. He’s been busy getting everything under control as far as daily work hours in the afternoons. We have also started putting down a floor in our downstairs!! As you may recall, our downstairs has been plywood for the past two years. Plywood filled with splinters is not so ideal for a baby that wants desperately to crawl and who is constantly getting the floor wet. Brian is putting tile down in our kitchen and will be laying down laminant in the rest of the downstairs afterwards. Such a difference this will make! This is Brian’s first time doing tilework, though, so he’s a little nervous, but so far so good!

Brian putting down tile in our kitchen

I am even more busy with school than the last two years. School is turning out to be quite the project this year. Teaching a 4 year old is quite taxing; I’m not sure how preschool teachers do this all day long! Of course, I have no curriculum, I just kind of come up with my week as I go along. Thankfully, Elena is doing much better with her babysitter in the afternoons. She sometimes wants to be with Eva and not even her daddy! This really does help with the workload and the stress of being mommy and teacher at the same time.

Today was the first field trip of the school year. We went to the local beach to look for science stuff. At first it seemed really disappointing that the beach was covered in fog, but it turned out to be a good thing since when the sun did finally come out, it was incredibly hot! Much too hot for the little ones to be out in for any length of time. So, the overcast was a blessing in disguise. God even blessed us with seeing an entire pod of dolphins swim by. We ended up the morning with a sand castle contest and ice cream. Not a bad day! Our next field trip will be in July sometime and the plan is to go to Papa John’s and see how they make pizzas. Fun fun!

Everybody ready for their ocean scavenger hunt!

Keep us in your prayers! We’ll be in touch much more often from now on!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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