Here We Go!

We take off tomorrow night (Wednesday, the 2nd) at 10:40. We arrive in Lima, Peru, around 6:40am Thursday. If all goes well, we’ll be back in our own house before 10am on Thursday. We’re just anxiously waiting to BE there. The whole packing/sorting/organizing/weighing/repacking/reorganizing/giving away/storing/repacking…. is getting really, really old! Elena has come down with a cold, too, so that’s slowing things down. Lisa slept on the couch with her last night so she could be propped up, otherwise she wakes up crying every little bit and nobody gets any sleep!

When we get back, our order of business will be (all subject to change, of course):
Brian: Checking on the maintenance, making up lists of what needs to be done, and getting started on getting the campus ready for school the beginning of April.

Lisa: Unpacking, reorganizing our house (we put everything into storage to protect from dust and spiders and to allow more room for our friends who lived there the last 3 months), prepping for school, and cleaning/organizing the classroom for school to begin the end of March.

We’ll both be helping Elena adapt to a new climate, new culture, new language. The girl that will be watching her in the afternoons will be coming over frequently so Elena can get used to her and so Lisa can show her how we’d like Elena to be taken care of since she’ll have her 15 hours a week.

We think our campus has internet – but there’s a chance it’s not fixed yet. If we have internet when we get home, we’ll send a little note letting you all know we got there safe. But, in case you don’t hear from us – don’t assume the worst. We may just not have internet at home.

Thanks for your prayers and for spending time with us over furlough! We loved our time here and honestly wish it could’ve been like a week or so longer… we’re trying hard to leave without any loose ends, but that’s really tough. Please keep in touch with us – we love hearing from you guys.

Our last Sunday in the States, Elena was dedicated to the Lord by her grandfather, Lisa's dad, Pastor Ribble

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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