We have been traveling for four days now. Feels like a lifetime. Well, to be honest, it could’ve gone much worse. We haven’t had bad weather and Elena’s been quite the trooper, although by 6pm, she’s done. Pretty much hands-down, no matter where we are or how long we’ve been driving or when she was last out of her carseat – she’s DONE and lets us know it. Brian’s plan was to do 7-8hrs a day and that is what we’ve stuck to. We are now about 4.5hrs away from Belle Fourche and so will get there… whenever we feel like it… tomorrow. 🙂 Brian’s had one awful cold for well over a week now so he’s beat. Maybe the cold will freeze it out of him.

Our goals this month are to reconnect with friends, family, and the few supporters we have out here. We will hopefully be presenting our DVD in church one Sunday morning. I will be working on school plans for March, getting materials ordered and lessons developed. I will also be talking about Peru to Brian’s little brother’s middle school at some point. Not sure if it’s the entire middle school or just a class or how it’s going to work, but his teacher has requested that we come in to talk about Peru so that’ll be fun! We are also going to be working on our presentation for this: We are representing BCM Int’l and presenting a seminar on short-terms missions and how it has grown the mission field in Peru. We’re really, really looking forward to being there! One of the main speakers is Gracia Burnham (google her if you don’t know her story!) and we were told Steve Saint will be attending as well. Sweet. This is a FREE event and 70 different organizations will be represented so if you’re interested in missions, looking into missions, or want to know more about missions, please feel free to come. Check out the website for more info.

Thanks for tracking with us – we’ll keep you posted throughout our trip!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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