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I won’t pretend this is Brian writing. 🙂 I thought I’d give an update on how I’m doing since there’s so many of you out there praying for me.

For those of you that somehow haven’t heard – about a week ago, I came down with shingles. I’m just about 38wks pregnant, so this is a little scary. Definitely not something I had planned. Our doctor that we’ve been seeing wouldn’t see me Monday because she “doesn’t work Mondays” so we went to see a friend’s doctor. This new doctor turned out to be a God-send. She spoke and understood enough English that I didn’t have to think through the pain to explain it to her in Spanish. She knew immediately what it was – didn’t even have to think about it. She even has an ultrasound machine IN her office, so she checked the baby right then and there just to be sure everything is okay. We haven’t seen our baby since like April or May (I can’t even remember!) and she was so tiny then – it was awesome to see how big (and complete!) she is. She was sucking on four of her fingers and looked so content and peaceful… it was such a blessing to know she’s really okay, even after the dog jumping on me and now this. Oh yeah – I had an 80lb dog jump on me at the end of August, too. This has not been a good month.

Anyway – I got side-tracked. The consensus was that I need to be on bedrest as much as possible for at least 10 days so I won’t provoke labor. The baby was not quite in position, but the doctor felt she could go into position and come at any moment, so I need to be quiet and prevent that from happening until I’m all better. The odds of the baby getting shingles if she’s born while I still have them are apparently pretty high. I’m also not to be around children or other people since it can be contagious, so I’m quarantined in the house, in my bed. Granted, there is really no place else I’ve wanted to be all week and I have barely been in the mood to talk to Brian, much less visitors, so this hasn’t been that hard.

Today, Saturday, I’m finally in less pain. I can think straight and I think I slept more than just a couple hours last night. I know things are healing, but I have a ways to go. The blisters seem to heal and then come back, so it’s almost a two steps forward, one step back deal at this point. But I will say this is the first morning in a week that I’ve woken up and been able to move right away. So, we’re getting somewhere at least.

Please continue to pray for me and the baby. Shingles can last for weeks so the 10 days of bed rest might turn out not being enough. We see this new doctor (we switched doctors… for good reason) on Wednesday to find out how things are going. We will keep you posted as much as possible (our internet hasn’t been good this week, either). Just keep praying; the pain is indescribable. I’d really like to have it all better before the baby gets here!

P.S. – Thanks for all the encouraging emails and notes; it really helps lift my spirits.


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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