Last Days of August

As you all are heading into fall, we are boldly heading into spring! Even though it’s been rainy and overcast this week, the temperature doesn’t feel quite as low. I’m still convinced spring is just around the corner, even if that corner is still weeks away! ūüôā

This past weekend, we had our annual Ladies Retreat here at camp for our church plants. The theme this year was “Restore My Heart.” Such an appropriate theme for this bunch of women! There was a guest speaker from the church Brian and I normally attend who did a wonderful job. I believe there was upwards of 30 women, but I never got a good head count. The turnout seemed really good – to me! The women were divided up into dorms with counselors, had devotional times as dorms, played games, and were able to let their kids go to a children’s time and not have to worry about them the whole time. For most of these women, being able to bring their kids is a prerequisite to being able to come. Some are single moms, but then some are married but their spouses are abusive or alcoholics or not around. Very few come from good home lives. This retreat is literally like a breath of fresh air for these women – something totally different and out of the routine of hard daily life.

Now we’re into September. Tomorrow (Saturday, the 4th) is a retreat for workers for Compassion International. You can be praying for everybody here as we take the time to explain to them what BCM Peru is all about and offer them the gift of salvation. Unlike how Compassion is advertised in the States, the workers for Compassion in country are not believers and they look at it as merely a job. This causes some issues when they come here for weekends and weeks of camp, so we’re hoping to resolve some of those issues before camp this year. You can definitely be praying for everybody here tomorrow – we’re expecting 120 people for the day. Brian and I will both be helping out since every other ministry is gone this weekend as well!

This evening arrives the girl from Germany, Andrea, who will (hopefully!) be helping me out in the school within the next few weeks. We’re spending most of Sunday with her, so I’m hoping to get a lot of questions answered then and get to know her a bit.

We’re still praying about our car. It’s very hard not to get (too) frustrated, to be honest. We have been told so many different dates on when it will be done, the most recent being this past Monday, and every single one of those dates has come and gone, always with the excuse, “Just a few more days.” We’re kind of down to the wire here, especially since it needs to pass inspection before it’s truly driveable. Please pray that the current complication (which involves a separate mechanic) would just get worked out – even yet this week. Once this problem is fixed, it’s literally at the most two days of work (supposedly!)… but those two days of work have been postponed 10 days now. We really need that car.

You can pray also for me. We had a stray dog here for the past week who got somehow attached to Brian and I.¬†She was a good 80lbs and¬†every bit of that was puppy. There was just no feasible way that we could keep her on the campus, so she was tied up away from our house until something could be done with her. But, her rope got stolen or she was untied or something Saturday night and she chased¬†me down and jumped on me. Thankfully, I didn’t get knocked down and she didn’t hit me full-on, but I did have to twist and turn to keep her off me until Brian came to¬†help me. These movements really hurt and¬†now almost a week later, I’m still feeling the affects of very pulled muscles. Please pray these heal – it’s¬†making getting around very difficult, on top of the normal aches that come from being 9months pregnant.

Our newsletter went out this week¬†–¬† let us know if you didn’t get one and you’d like a copy via email!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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