The last few weeks have genuinely felt spring-like and that makes us SO happy. Of course, as I write this, the skies are overcast and it rained all night, BUT besides THAT… we’ve actually had sun every day for the last two weeks (except for, again, today), which just does not happen during winter. We could be wrong, but it sure seems like spring is just around the corner.

With the arrival of spring is the arrival of our little girl! As I write, she is kicking and hiccuping and doing her best to push her way out already. 🙂 We are so thankful for how God has provided for us recently. We have her room pretty much set. All the big furniture is in there – at literally hundreds of dollars less than we’d planned on spending. God has provided SO well for us. We have a beautiful crib, a lovely old-fashioned rocking chair, a custom-made dresser, a cute bookshelf, and a barely used carseat. Seriously, how much more can we ask for? The family we purchased some of the big items from shared with us that the items were a blessing to them when they needed them a year ago and they prayed that when it was time to pass them along that they would be a blessing to others. They definitely are! Brian is working on using his jigsaw to cut out wooden flowers and butterflies for the bedroom. He bought some spray paint and yesterday, he was able to cut out more than half of the designs. I wish our internet would let us upload pictures so we could share all this with you!

We had a really nice time the first week of August when we were by ourselves. Brian mudded, sanded, and painted the new walls in my classroom. They look amazing! He’s down there right now, finishing up by spraying on a spray-on chalkboard we had found. The school is looking more homey and less like a giant, blank building.

We’re still waiting on our car to get finished. It’s been a long haul getting this thing done. There were complications with the mechanic, complications with getting the right parts, complications with just about everything. Our mechanic is a believer – actually, he’s a deacon at the bilingual church we attend. He’s doing everything in his power to get it fixed, but some of it was out of his control (like parts no longer being made in Peru). We ask that you’d pray with us that the car would get finished even yet this week. There’s a possibility of that happening and that would be such a HUGE blessing. Doctor’s appointments should start being every two weeks now, so having a car is no longer just a good idea – it’s a necessity. But, the car has to get finished AND pass inspection before we can use it. Please, please pray with us!

Here are some links to pictures we have on facebook. Hopefully you can access them that way if you have not seen them yet. You shouldn’t need a facebook account to look at them.





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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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