Final Day

Today is our last day with the team. This is tremendously sad!! We’ve enjoyed having them here so much. Brian has had afternoon coffee with the adults every day and he’s already said he’s going to miss that a lot. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry we didn’t post much last week. Our internet was bad and I got very sick, so blogging got put on the back burner. Sorry!

The team did a wonderful job. I know they’ll fill you in with better detail when they get home, but basically, they got way more done than we’d planned on. Brian thought if they got one of the storage buildings up, that’d be great. They got up two! There’s still some finish work to do, but the bulk of the jobs is done and they’re going to be put to good use very, very soon. They even had time to varnish one of the buildings. They were such good, hard workers – with no complaints.

The girls took turns coming into my classroom in the afternoons to help with my little girls. It was fun having them in there because I got to see especially how the little ones are doing with English. They’re doing better than I expected, actually! The little ones really, really enjoyed having them in there and I think the same is true of the big girls. The girls were a big help at the end of the week as well. Tuesday night, I woke up violently ill (and apparently so did one of the girls!) and was not able to be in the classroom Wednesday or Thursday. Some of the girls stepped up and used the plans I had sketched out to teach the girls for me. It was a big, big help and I was so thankful they did that for me.

In the evenings, they did a variety of things. Monday, they went souvenir shopping. Tuesday was dinner at our house. We loved getting to know them better and sharing our hearts with them. Wednesday was a “Who’s Who in BCM Peru” so they could get the big picture of who all works here and what they do. Thursday, we had chapel and then a surprise birthday party for both Mikes. They’ll have to describe the VERY typical Peruvian birthday party to you! Friday, they practiced for Pennies for Peru and the boys played soccer from 8-10pm. Busy week!

Saturday, they participated in another Pennies for Peru, hiked a mountain, then attended a youth group at our church plant, “El Camino.” Youth group is very different here; I’m glad they got a chance to experience it. They did a wonderful job with their participation and I’m sure the kids there will never forget them.

Sunday, we went back to El Camino for church, then headed to a co-worker’s parents’ house for lunch and the last World Cup game. They got to see kind of the different spectrum of Peru, the more wealthy side, and eat another very typical Peruvian meal. They were home just long enough to be served ANOTHER meal (they won’t need to eat til probably Thursday, in case you were wondering if they’d be hungry when they got home!) and then leave for Sunday evening church.

Now today, Brian is going with them to help them tour downtown Lima. They’ll come back to camp to finish packing and have a short goodbye party from the Bible school. Then it’s off to the airport!

This time has F-L-O-W-N by. We are SO glad they came. We really hope they got a very clear picture of BCM Peru and even more so, that God touched their hearts for missions. We pray this opened their eyes to things they’ve never thought of before and impacts them forever. It was on a missions trip to this campus when I was 17 that I knew God had called me to missions – beyond any shadow of a doubt. I pray the same happens to at least one of them because of this trip. One of my co-workers said something to me Saturday night that I hadn’t realized. This group would not have come if I had not come in 2001. Wow. God works in just really cool ways.

Thanks for your prayers for the team and the time they spent here. A few did get a pretty nasty illness, but God spared the ENTIRE team from coming down with it. They were safe, at work and in travels. And they got SO MUCH done. They’re very tired, but they’ve all expressed how quickly the time went by and a bunch have talked about coming back. Wish we could be there when they give their report in church when they get back! πŸ™‚


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