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Just thought I’d write a little update for parents, friends, and family of the team from Grace Bible that is here right now. We already have a lot of pictures, but we need time to upload and better internet to actually get them online before you’ll see them – sorry! Hopefully within the next couple of days we can put up a couple pictures for you. Don’t wanna post too many, though, and spoil the surprises when the kids get home!

First off – they’re doing really well. We’re very happy with how they’ve just jumped in and participated whole-heartedly. It’s wonderful to see a group of mostly teenagers dive into a new culture and new customs without even blinking an eye. Some things have been different for them (like the food) but they have been handling it with stride.

The first afternoon they worked (Friday), they were able to tear down an entire building, which Brian had estimated would take them two days. They were to work Saturday morning as well, but with how much they got done Friday, Brian gave them the morning off. They’re back to work this morning already, trying to figure out how to transport the building from the neighbors a few doors down to our property where they will begin reassembling it.

Saturday, they participated in a Pennies for Peru activity. I’ll let them tell you what all they did and how they thought it went and what they experienced. They were in a very poor area of Lima and I believe it really hit some of them hard. But in the evening, they saw the other extreme – a very wealthy part of Lima. Hopefully they’ll be able to put into words how the two extremes truly struck them.

They participated in a baptismal service yesterday, held here at the property, with our three different church plants. In the afternoon, we took them to the Pacific Ocean and a local market where it’s more day-to-day living, as opposed to souvenir shopping. Then in the evening, they went to a local church and had some participation there as well. Tonight, they’ll get to go souvenir shopping at an Incan Market and they’re very excited about that!

It’s going to be a busy week for them, but so far they’re holding up just fine. Keep them in your prayers as the week moves forward. Pray for their safety as they do the building and then for their health as they experience new food, etc. They should be fine, but in a new country sometimes it doesn’t take much to make someone a little sick. You can pray also for Brian. He’s heading up their work project, doing all the traveling with them, and still in charge of his responsibilities here. He’s doing fine, but he’s understandably tired.

We’ll keep you posted as the week goes on and hopefully get a few pictures up here just to prove they’re really okay! 🙂


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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