June started off relatively slowly, but the last two weeks have been kind of rough. Here’s a run-down of our life recently:

  • Brian spent the beginning of the month helping look for a new bus for the Apoyo ministry. Finally, on Wednesday the 9th, they thought they’d found one. Brian was out til after midnight with two other men purchasing the 12-seater van. Part of the deal was that the license plates were included, but after the transaction was completed, the dealer said he couldn’t find them. Here, though, if you drive a vehicle without license plates, it will get confiscated by the police and we couldn’t afford that. So, they waited around for about 5 hours negotiating and dealing with everyone there until the owner finally showed up. The plates were in a different store, sitting in plain view on a desk. They brought the van home, had it at the mechanic’s, and then got it inspected – only to find out the license plates are the wrong type for what we’ll be using it for and the van won’t be legally drivable for another month! We hurried to purchase something so we could have it for July 1st, so this is a HUGE frustration. Pray that our leadership can possibly find a way to get the plates sooner. We need that van!
  • On the 10th, Lisa woke up with horrible abdominal pains that seemed to come and go all day long. After a long, painful day, she was able to talk with her mom and the consensus was that it was probably Braxton Hicks contractions. She was in pain all day Friday as well and spent the two days with her feet up, taking it easy, and they have since disappeared.
  • Tuesday the 15th, we had our 6month doctor’s appointment. Everything is fine, praise the Lord.
  • However, during the night and into the 16th, Lisa woke up horribly sick. Some sort of flu hit her hard and she was sick for 4 days with a good ol’ relapse during the night of the 18th. This morning, the 20th, she seems to be doing okay.
  • Brian got hit with a cold the 13th and has been fighting that for a week now. He keeps trying to get Lisa’s flu, but so far has avoided it.
  • Of course, the 17th was the bus accident that involved 8 of our friends.
  • The 18th was our 5th wedding anniversary. But, with neither of us feeling good, our celebrating consisted of opening the one card we got sent and wishing each other a Happy Anniversary. We’re hoping to go out sometime this week to celebrate.
  • And now, today is Brian’s first Father’s Day! His gift this year consists of being able to feel and watch his baby girl do her seemingly endless acrobatics.

And June’s not over yet. We could use your prayers. Lisa, especially, has been worn down with all the illness. She really hates missing school, but there was no option these last few weeks. But, five days of no school really puts the little girls behind (the big kids did school by themselves in the mornings with Brian checking in occasionally).

The first of July is when the team from our sending church arrives. We’re excited to see them and show them around, but there’s still quite a bit of prep work involved before they get here in order to get their work project ready to go. Brian will be working on that pretty much constantly until they arrive and then he will be helping with their work projects and going with them everywhere they end up visiting and going. So, the next few weeks are going to be just as busy. The end of July is the big IBYM event – Conoce Al IBYM (you might remember that from last year- look up our July 2009 entries to read about it). This will take a lot of prep work because we’re expecting a few hundred teens to come for three days of visiting the campus.

We could use your prayers! Hope your June was a little less… exciting. 🙂


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “June.”

  1. This has been quite the month for both of you. We will be praying that everything will go ok while the work team is with you in July. Our prayers are always with you-for health, safety, effective ministry….as we know the enemy is always roaming.

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