Having a blog is a catchy thing in the missionary world these days. Missionaries used to be so isolated and not ever able to communicate. Now, with email, blogs, and facebook, we can communicate at a moment’s notice! What a great time to be a missionary overseas!

A couple of our friends here have finally “taken the plunge” and made a blog introducing themselves and their ministry. They are wonderful friends of ours and we love, love, LOVE what they do. So – if you have two minutes, check our their new blog and see what they’re up to! #mce_temp_url# They have lots of different pages explaining their ministry and who they are. Hopefully this will be the beginning of getting some of our co-workers online so people can know what all really goes on down here!


P.S. – the link works… I’m still figuring out how to actually insert them, so bear with me. But it does work and will take you there! It just looks stupid.


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