And the baby is…

Our ultrasound Saturday made it obvious that our little one on the way is a…


We are very excited about our little girl and so happy that the choice between boy or girl belonged to God! She is quite healthy – kicking Mommy with a vengeance now. Brian keeps asking me what I’m going to do about it since I always said my children will not hit or kick me. 🙂 She’s getting away with it for now.

For those of you wondering what we need, the main thing is really clothes. Clothes here are expensive – for all ages. Baby Girl will be born in October, which is spring for us. We will be in the States from December to March and then when we get back to Peru, it’ll be late summer (which is still quite hot) going into fall. She will be nine months old during winter months. Hope this helps with a bit of the season reference. Our seasons may not be as extreme as up north, but summers are quite hot and winters are very damp, which feels colder than the thermometer might read.

You can be praying for us these next few weeks. We’re applying for a diaper grant that is given to overseas missionaries. We know four families who have received the grant, so we have a feeling our odds are pretty good of receiving it. If we receive it, we should be well on our way to being set for the first year. We have friends who are giving us their old cloth diapers and Lisa even has a friend from high school who’s making a few more. We’d like to have a good store since during winter, it can take up to two weeks for clothes to dry with no dryer. We’ll probably still have to have plastic diapers on hand for days when diapers just aren’t dry yet, but if we can get a good supply, maybe we won’t need to purchase them too often. So – pray we receive this grant!

On a side note – you can also be praying for Brian. He managed to throw his back out last Friday and he’s still having a hard time moving around. The damp chill that’s settled in here is probably not helping. So, pray he can start moving back to normal soon!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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