International Day of Prayer

Today is an international day of prayer and fasting for BCM International. If you’ve been following our blog this past year, you may remember we’ve done this a few times before. This occurs, I believe, at least twice a year and worldwide, people take a day to pray and fast for our mission board. If you would like more info on BCM International, by all means, visit our website at and look around for prayer requests – trust me, there’s plenty there.

As I was praying this morning through just the different ministries here in BCM Peru, it really struck me how few workers we have. We have something like 7 or 8 different ministries here and each of them has no more than 10 people working full-time within them. In fact, I think 10 might even be pushing it. Most function with 4 or 5 full-time missionaries. Everybody else is either a volunteer or an IBYM student.

When you look at BCM Peru, it looks like it is just a flourishing, thriving ministry. And it is! But when I look at seriously how few people there are inside of it, I wonder how it got that way.

Then I look at who we work with and I understand.

We work with a group of flawed individuals. But individuals who have given their lives to what they’re doing. This isn’t a group of heroes or a group of people who are well-known, rich, or famous. This is just an average group of people from average areas of Peru – Lima, Callao, Cusco, etc. They were brought here with one purpose, one goal: to reach children and develop churches worldwide. There’s a mixed bag of talents and gifts, characters and personalities. And somehow, through it all, we get along. We function together. We fit. We’re a team.

This is a group who takes their jobs very seriously. Mondays are all-day leadership meetings. The head leadership meets every single Monday to help plan and make things better. They spend a significant amount of time in prayer for the ministries. And they follow a genuinely good leader.

Our director, Carlos, has just been an amazing man to work under. We are floored by his humility and meek attitude, yet he takes responsibility and leadership and gets things done. He is a man who has visions for where this place could go – and so far, we’re getting there. We’re grateful to have such a wise, humble leader.

So, here’s a short list of specific people you can pray for and the ministries they’re involved in. Unfortunately, there are issues with the BCM Peru website, but you can still visit there and see a few pictures of our co-workers, even if they’re outdated. Please pray for these people – every single one is under-supported and all of them are giving all they have to serve our great God in this broken country.

  1. Instituto de Biblico Y Ministerial (IBYM): Joas and Ana Tresierra (3 kids), Jonatan and Shantal Odicio (1 boy with 1 on the way), Robles Flores, Francisco and Martha Barnuevo
  2. Apoyo: Jonatan and Shantal Odicio, Tito and Nelida Hurtado (newlyweds), Ohtino and Loyda Hurtado (newlyweds), James and Violeta Flores (newborn baby girl), Harler Odicio
  3. Camps: Luis and Elsa Bailly (2 kids), Cristofer (so sorry – I cannot for the life of me spell his last name!)
  4. Bible Clubs: Ana Tresierra, Carol Arias, Gloria Quintana
  5. EMAUS (teacher training): Marion Odicio, Jonatan and Shantal Odicio, Robert and Zarela Neyra
  6. Compartiendo (Pennies for Peru): Robert and Zarela Neyra
  7. Maintenance: Brian, David Caman (2 kids)
  8. My School: Me
  9. Casa Hogar (Children’s Home – still in the planning stages): Cesar and Gloria Quintana

Note the repetition of some names. Almost everyone is involved in more than one ministry. A lot of work, so few people. The harvest is RIPE. Pray for our Lord to raise up more workers!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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