Middle of May?

I honestly thought I’d updated this just a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay!

Our weeks have settled into quite the rhythm. I am thoroughly enjoying school this year. My older kids are doing amazingly well; I can see a definite improvement from last year and I’m very proud of them. My third grader, who normally never talks in either language, took off talking in English this week and now I can’t get her to stop! I’m so proud of her! My eighth grader is progressing quickly and I’m proud of him as well because he’s learning to think on his own and work through problems logically, which is difficult to do. The afternoons are settling into a better rhythm and the kids there are advancing as well. The girls are responding in English; I’ve even gotten a few sentences out of them recently. I can speak substantially in English to them and they are understanding probably 70% of what’s going on. The first step to learning a language is to be able to understand, even if you can’t speak and they are well on their way. The little boy and his family will probably be leaving within the next few weeks, so that will change the dynamics of the afternoon class yet again.

This past week, Brian made several trips to our mechanic as the mechanic will be rebuilding an engine for one of our buses. During December, one of our buses basically blew out its engine. We have another bus that has so many other issues it will never be fixable, so the two engines are being combined into one good one for the bus that broke down in December. Brian is also catching up on just regular campus maintenance and making plans for the team from our sending church that will be here in July for ten days.

I was asked this week to finish putting together, which includes writing, the Bible lessons for summer camp 2011. It’s four lessons and the ideas are there, but they aren’t quite finished. My job is to go through them, organize the ideas, come up with the ideas for visuals/teaching aids, and write them out, in Spanish, for the teachers. I have one month – so if you could please pray for me! I have never done this in Spanish before and as much as I’m looking forward to it, it’s a little intimidating! Such a great opportunity, though.

Baby Biegert is growing like crazy. Our doctor said both myself and the baby are very healthy and right on track. We’ll be getting an ultrasound this week and we’ll be finding out if this is little boy Biegert or little girl Biegert! We’ll be sure to post it here, along with the new picture of our little one. I can feel it squirming around and kicking quite frequently now; Brian can’t wait til it gets just a hair bigger so he can feel it as well. This little miracle amazes us each week. We’re halfway done; can’t believe how fast the time is going.

The past few weeks, we’ve participated in a few IBYM activities. Mother’s Day is HUGE down here and so for the weekly chapel time the week before Mother’s Day, there was a big celebration. My kids had a small part in the presentation and did really well, speaking and singing in English. It was nice to be recognized as a mom, too, I must admit. Just this past week, we had a baby shower for my friend Violeta who had her baby girl the end of April. One piece of trivia – Peruvians actually call a baby shower – “baby shower” – English words and everything, with the same concept – games, food, gifts. They’ve copied it from the States, but I get frequent questions from the students about what “baby shower” means since some recognize the words, but don’t understand that it’s a concept, not a literal event. 🙂

Our car is officially in the shop. We should have our own car, hopefully, by the end of May! Praise the Lord for this HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing! Nothing fancy, but it’ll be OURS and we won’t need to bug our co-workers every time we need to get out! Pray our mechanic finds the problems and gets it fixed in a timely (and preferably cost-effective…) manner.

Next post, I’ll try to post pictures! 🙂


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