Back to Work!

We are in full-swing now with life and ministry. Thought we’d give you a look into how things are going and what our weeks look like. We are in some ways the exact opposite of our co-workers. While almost everyone, teachers not included, work during the week in preparation for the weekend, we work all week and use the weekends to prepare for our next week. This is the life of support ministry and we love that we can be behind the scenes like this.


Brian is the head of maintenance for BCM Peru. This does not mean that he doesn’t have anyone above him. He works under the leadership of another man here (the man he replaced). They work together to make decisions and figure out game plans, etc. During the week, Brian works mostly by himself in the mornings doing maintenance around the entire campus and occasionally in other missionary’s homes when they need repairs. Lately, he’s worked on plumbing, repairing the guest house bathroom and kitchen, and putting in a window in a brick wall in a storage shed. His daily assignments change as he sees what needs to be done. In the afternoons, Brian continues whatever he began in the morning and then supervises and answers questions from the students during their work hours from 2:30-5. Monday nights, Brian meets with his team. His team this year is all new, save for one girl. He has two representatives of the students – a girl and a guy, both second year. Their job is to be the official supervisors during the daily work hours and then they also have the tough job of reporting to Brian when students aren’t working. He also has a girl who is in fourth year (ministry year – training to be a missionary) who does administrative work. She makes up a list each Friday of things that need to be fixed or worked on and gives that to Brian so he can divide up the responsibilities among the students, himself, and the gardener. We had a wonderful gardener last year who was not only a hard worker, but a good friend. Unfortunately, he had to return home over the summer, so we have a new gardener. Brian is still learning how to work with him and they are learning how to be a team this year. He also joins the Monday evening meetings. On weekends, Brian does any number of things. Sometimes he’s needed to drive for ministry events (that happened frequently in December). If camps are going on, he’s normally involved behind the scenes, setting up, tearing down, setting up the bonfire, etc. If other things are not going on, Brian has been trying to get the finishing touches done on our house. Some of you know about the bird issue we’ve had upstairs. He was finally able to top off those holes this past weekend so we shouldn’t have at least as many or as frequent in our house anymore. He’s been working off and on building screens for our windows. Maybe this weekend he’ll start installing them, if nothing else comes up. On top of all of that – Brian is also on call 24/7. Plumbing, electrical – any kind of emergency in any building on campus is Brian’s job to at least look into and decide how to fix it. If any new construction comes up, Brian does a substantial amount of work drawing up the plans and then he’s either in charge or head of teams that do the construction, here or in Iquitos.

Can we all say, “BUSY”??


After writing all that out, it makes my life look like a breeze!

I’ve already explained how my days go. You can scroll down the page and see my recent entry on the start of school to get a good idea of how my days go generally. Lately, things have been running pretty smoothly. Mornings are quiet, but from observing the kids’ grades lately in a few classes, I’m thinking I will need to start teaching a class or two for each of them, possibly starting as early as next week. This will substantially change how “quiet” my mornings go. The afternoons are always different and a lot of fun. Tiring – no, exhausting! – but fun. It’s mostly tiring because I am talking constantly in two different languages. I read something in English, or explain something in English, and have to turn around and say the same thing in Spanish. On the plus side, I’m learning more Spanish by leaps and bounds. But, two languages for three hours straight every day is tiring. A few discipline problems have come up as well, so I’m learning to discipline in a classroom with only three children in a school environment that’s meant to be more relaxed and fun.

When not in school, I’m honestly just resting. I come home after 5 normally very tired and worn out. On weekends I plan for the next week and try to catch up around the house. I will be helping finish the Christmas Pennies for Peru program which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been asked to do teacher training this year, but I, unfortunately, really felt I needed to turn it down. With the baby coming and being so utterly exhausted, I need my weekends right now to rest and teacher training involves traveling on weekends and teaching, sometimes all weekend, or at the least all day Saturday. If I’m going to do teacher training, I’d really want more time to invest in preparation and would want to be able to give it 100% and right now, I just don’t think my energy level would hold up to that. It was nice to be asked, though, and I hope next year I’ll be able to say yes.


There’s our lives. We just sent out a newsletter so if you haven’t gotten it by snail mail, it should be getting there soon. If you receive it by email, you should’ve gotten it last week. If you don’t get it at all – drop us a note and let us know!

We have decided to purchase a car. We’re working on money logistics right now (we can’t just go to the bank and take out what we need all at once down here). The car is not currently drivable, but we have a great mechanic who will be getting it repaired during the month of May. If all goes well we should have a car by the end of May. Praise the Lord! You have no idea what an answer to prayer this is. It’s nothing fancy – in fact, it’s a brand of Chevy never even made in the States – but it’s a car and it will be ours and it will run (in a month…) and that’s really all we need right now.

Well, Happy End of April! We’re still in summer so if you’re sick of your snow, come visit. 😉

(We’ll be posting a list soon of baby needs – keep posted!)


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