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BCM Peru has a variety of ministries functioning all at the same time. To do any number of these ministries requires transportation. However, vehicles here in Peru are very expensive and thus very hard to come by. The Lord has been gracious to our camp for many years and always provided a variety of buses. However, over the past year, each one of these has broken down and… died. Some of them have died over and over and over…. and now are officially DEAD. So, what does this mean? NO TRANSPORTATION for two of our main ministries: Apoyo and Compartiendo.

Apoyo is our evangelistic ministry, headed by our good friends, Jonaton and Shantal Odicio. The team consists of a few other full-time missionaries and then the students help out on occasion. This program runs year-round and is used to assist in local churches. This is just one of the ways that we fulfill the goal of BCM International, “Reaching Children and Developing Churches Worldwide.” They use a variety of methods, including the very effective Gospel Clown. They also show evangelistic films in the streets on a regular basis. But, in order to accomplish this ministry, they need to be able to travel. They do trips to different cities, as well as around Lima, regularly, but it’s hard to travel by bus (which is expensive) especially with all their equipment.

Compartiendo is the street ministry that most in the States know as “Pennies for Peru.” It reaches hundreds of children every week on Saturdays, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Compartiendo is run by our other good friends, Robert and Zarela, with the help of many teenage volunteers and, at Christmas, our first year IBYM students. This, again, is a ministry that helps grow the local church as well as reaches the lost in areas where churches are not yet started. Compartiendo would also like to travel, but they have a lot of equipment and a lot of volunteers (sometimes up to 20!) and not a lot of money, so going by bus or airplane is normally completely out of the question. Thus, it limits their reach to only areas of Lima. Compartiendo will begin its new year of ministry here in just a couple of weeks.

Buses are also needed for IBYM and for camping.

Being able to own a good, reliable bus would give us seemingly endless possibilities of ministry.

HOWEVER… we are short $3000. Only $3000! In the scheme of things, that’s not much! Would you be willing to help? Instead of giving to our furniture fund, which can wait indefinitely, would you consider giving that gift to BCM Peru’s transportation fund? For the cost of reaching hundreds of children and teenagers with the Gospel, would you give up your daily cup of coffee for a week and donate that money? Every little bit helps and we could really use that bus very, very soon. IBYM began this week; Compartiendo begins soon; Apoyo runs year-round. Without a bus, we’re so much more limited it’s hard to even express it to you.

We take transportation for granted in the States. Here, it’s vital, expensive, and extremely hard to come by. We’re SO CLOSE to getting much needed transportation, but we need your help. We don’t normally use this blog platform to ask for funds, but we thought this would be a good way to get the word out. If nothing else, will you PRAY with us that God will provide a bus this year?

*If you choose to donate, please send your gift to:

BCM Intl, Inc., 309 Colonial Drive, PO Box 249, Akron, PA 17501-0249

And include a note that indicates it’s for the “Peru Transportation Fund

Thank you for your interest!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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