New School Year!

School for Lisa is finally in full-swing. Thank you to all who have been praying for this crucial start to the year. The new classroom looks wonderful and the kids are settling in really well. There’s always the “blurps” of the first week, but things are going quite smoothly so far.

I am teaching from 9-5, which is tiring, but rewarding. The mornings are relatively quiet. The two I have in the mornings are in 8th grade and 3rd grade and are using a computer curriculum. They work pretty independently and I am here to answer questions and assign additional work and grade their work. It’s hard for them because it’s all in English. For my 3rd grader, especially, it’s much more difficult than what she’s used to.

In the afternoons, I actually teach Kindergarten. I have three Kindergarteners – two girls who are actually 7 years old and one boy from the States who’s 5. It’s much more complicated, so I’d appreciate your prayers! The girls don’t really speak or understand English yet, so I’ve been doing the bulk of explaining in Spanish and using English as much as possible. However, the little boy is an English only speaker, so I have to keep him in mind as well when I’m talking in Spanish. All three are on different levels of school and different maturity levels, so there’s that to take into consideration as well. The curriculum is very easy to use and well laid out, but with the Spanish factor and the different levels, it’s much more complicated! Pray I have the wisdom and the energy I need to make it through my days.

So far, I have been tired, but able to manage. My 9pm bedtime is awfully wonderful. 🙂 It’ll be nice when Bible school is back in full-swing because I won’t have to cook! We’ll be getting most of our meals from the cafeteria and that is just a huge help.

Brian is still keeping very busy. He built the gorgeous new wall in my classroom (sorry, no pictures yet!) and has been finishing up some other projects before Bible school begins on Monday. You can pray for his health, though. He seems to have gotten some kind of bacterial infection (we think from something he drank) and was very sick last weekend and still struggling with it this week. He has some medication and that is helping at least calm the symptoms, but he’s by no means better.

Baby Biegert is growing like a weed! We’re loving getting our weekly e-mail updates on how big it is and what is developing. We’re up to Week 12, Praise the Lord! One more week and it’ll finally be the second trimester. God is guarding our little one and we’re so grateful. I’m looking pregnant and definitely beginning to feel it. Clothes are still fitting (phew!), but I’m sure that will change soon. We go in early next week for another ultrasound, so we’ll try to get that posted. Continue to pray that God will grow our baby and he/she will be nice and healthy.

Happy Easter, everyone! Praise the Lord for His grace that He showed so plainly on that cross – for each one of us. It’s because of Easter morning that we have this job. If He had not risen, our faith would be in vain! But, He’s ALIVE!

Hallelujah! He is risen!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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