Since we’ve announced it on Facebook, we thought we’d better announce it here as well!

We’re pregnant!!

This is where we’d like to show you a picture of our sonogram, but it won’t upload right now, so it’ll have to be shared later.

We actually found out in Iquitos. Lisa was very sick and we couldn’t figure out why. After two weeks of her being completely miserable, we decided to go to an emergency clinic just to rule out heat exhaustion or a parasite. They took a blood test that confirmed she really was pregnant!

We have found a clinic here in Lima; it’s about 45 minutes away and really nice. We had the first real appointment Tuesday night and we were able to hear the heartbeat and see our little speck fluttering around. Everything looks very healthy and is right on schedule for an October 12 due date. We’ve been told anywhere from October 5-12, so I guess we’ll see!

Please be praying for Lisa. She’s been pretty sick, which is making school prep really hard. We’re waiting for the results of some blood work for her thyroid, which we’re praying will come out okay. Lisa will probably be seeing an endocrinologist during this pregnancy as well, which would be a good thing. Just be praying that the Lord will continue to guard our little one and help it to grow well.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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