Still here!

Just wanted to reassure you all that we’re still here! There’s not much to report right now, which is the reason for the lack of blogging. But, since I hate when people don’t update their blogs unless something really exciting happens, I thought I’d give you a boring update rather than no update at all.

Brian has been super busy building our friend’s house. Everyone here is busy with camps, so Brian is working basically alone on the house. We have one visitor from Pennsylvania who’s here til April and he’s helping starting today. In the afternoons, Brian sometimes has one or two students who help out. Otherwise, he’s on his own! It’s a lot of work and he’s very tired, but it’s coming along.

Brian’s also trying to figure out how to catch up on camp maintenance and still get the house built. Seems like an impossible task at the moment. Please pray for him as he manages his time and figures out important details in his job.

I have been trying to get school stuff ready. This also feels like a never-ending task. I have quite a bit left to do and we’d like to begin March 15. Please pray I’m able to get all this done!

We’re also hoping to get work done on our house. Brian needs to reinforce our bottom floor before we can put flooring down, which we’d like to do in the next few months. Brian is also going to build screens for our windows, but he has to have the time to do so. He’s never had to build screens that fit perfectly in windows before, so he’s not sure how long it will take. But, we really need them! You would not believe the amount of bugs that swarm our room at night if we leave the windows open. We also have birds flying in and out and we’d like to get rid of those….

We’ve been dealing with a mouse situation in the house, too. ‘Tis the season for mice and spiders, apparently. The mice appeared sometimes while we were gone in Iquitos. So far we’ve killed five with traps, but we think there’s still more. A little frustrating, but more annoying than anything. Lisa had what we think was an allergic reaction to a small spider last week. What looked like a scratch on her face swelled to where she almost couldn’t speak. We almost went to a doctor, but it cleared up a few days later. We were told to be extra cautious with spiders this time of year.

Camps are winding down – only a week and a half to go. Camp has gone really well this year and we’re so proud of our students for all the HARD work they’ve put in this summer.

So, that’s it. Nothing horribly exciting, but we could use your prayer. If you all are sick of your winter weather, hop on a plane and come visit! Summer is beautiful here in Peru.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “Still here!”

  1. I disagree. Just the fact that God made it possible for you guys to serve in this way is very exciting. Those of us who can’t be with you are excited to see how God uses you in times that we wish we could serve, but instead you have been chosen!

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