Home Again, Home Again

We got home Saturday evening, the 6th. It is just so wonderful to be home, it’s hard to even describe it! Lisa keeps saying she doesn’t want to travel again for a long, long time. One month away from home is a long time!

The trip went really well. The boys finished all but 10 pieces of siding and a platform for a laundry area. The only reason they didn’t finish was because the wood was all down at the boat and it would’ve taken them another day to pack it all up without help (wood in the jungle is very heavy). All in all, they did a phenomenal amount of work in such a short period of time.

From top to bottom – two lodges (where the campers will sleep), the cafeteria (with kitchen off to the side on the right, not sure if you can see it), and one of the bathrooms (they built two). The cafeteria is big enough that I can’t get it in one picture. The roofing was done by hired men – it was INCREDIBLY high, but just beautiful. The men did a fantastic job. They worked one Saturday and spent one night out there. The rain was making it, towards the end, harder to travel, so to save time, they just slept out there the last night. It saved them about 4 hours, which made a big difference.

God protected our team. One of the men hurt his back and had to come back to Lima early. He’s okay, but he did spend three nights in a clinic. Another guy, a visitor from Canada, had a reaction to all the chiggers out there (there was an enormous amount of chiggers out there!!!!) and then the heat bothered his skin, so he was pretty miserable. But, by the end of our time, everyone was feeling fine and glad to see the job done.

We only saw one poisonous spider. Our friend had a poisonous frog somehow find its way into her suitcase – that was a little nerve-wracking. Brian saw a family trying to kill an 8ft boa on the way out to camp one day. It was coiled up in the middle of the road and striking at the family who was hitting it with sticks. Goodness. The men killed a tarantula out at the camp. They spent like three hours trying to smoke out “the HUGE tarantula” and when it showed up, it was the size of a normal, large spider. Granted, it still needed to die, but it wasn’t six inches round like they’d been told! 🙂 Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong!!

Now, we’re home and doing the usual routine things like catching up on laundry. We’ll be sending out a newsletter within the next couple of weeks, so be watching for that!

Thanks for your prayers for this trip. We were so blessed that neither of us got very sick, the heat didn’t get to us, and we weren’t in any kind of accident. God is so good to us.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again”

  1. Praise the Lord for all the good news in this letter—I feel like I had a part since I was praying for all of you and that the work was accomplished and that all of you made it home safely.

  2. Just so impressive to see all the work that was done. PTL that everyone was kept safe from all the dangerous critters!Sorry for the the man that got sick from the nasty chiggers…I remember your cousin getting quite a reaction (More than the average person gets) when we were in Gulfport- Many prayers always……..glad you are home safe and sound!

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