2009 In Pictures

JANUARY - one final trip to SD to visit family and friends. Our friends' baby Braden is now 16 months old!
FEBRUARY - packed and headed to Florida after many goodbyes to dear family and friends
MARCH - landed in Peru and took off 3 days later for Iquitos
APRIL PART1 - Lisa began school preparations and started school mid-April
APRIL PART2 - Brian began our house! Here we are in our kitchen.
MAY - Brian worked non-stop on our house and we moved in the 31st.
JUNE - participated in an IBYM social, had our first visitors stay in our house, and worked more on the house
JULY - more U.S. visitors in our home and the big event of the IBYM year: Conoce Al IBYM.
JULY - more visitors and the big IBYM event: Conoce Al IBYM
AUGUST - retreat with our co-workers to Cajamarca as well as a visit from Lisa's dad!
SEPTEMBER - We bought a motorcycle!
OCTOBER - Spring sprang in all its Peruvian glory! We enjoyed new furniture and settling into the routine of the last half of the school year.
NOVEMBER - more visitors, graduation for our new missionaries, and our first Thanksgiving in our new home.
DECEMBER - the Fair, end of school, our first Christmas in our new home, and a surprise for Lisa: a new piano.

There’s a brief look at our year in photos. Here’s to an equally adventurous, amazing ride in 2010! Happy New Year, everyone!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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