The weekend is upon us and I just wanted to take a minute to ask you to pray for the goings-on here in Peru.

Today at 10am (or, technically, any minute now) we have a group of 30 campers coming. Our students are still in classes, so all the missionaries are involved in the day’s activities. This particular group is here til Sunday afternoon. Brian is doing games three separate times; I’m in the kiosco and helping with meals and clean-up. There’s slight “snafoos” with having camps here this weekend. Sunday begins Compartiendos, so most of our helpers need to be gone… so we have just a small crew that’s able to work in camp the entire time!

Sunday begins Compartiendos – first thing Sunday morning. Actually, one group leaves tomorrow for the jungle city of Tarapoto. We have three teams around the Lima area that begin their work Sunday morning – two presentations a day for each team. That’s A LOT of work (there’s also the driving time to each event). At this moment, things are just not quite ready. With the Fair and camps and other things going on, some of the Compartiendo preparations got put aside. Well, now it’s TIME for Compartiendo and things just aren’t as polished and ready as they need to be. Today is the final dress rehearsals for the teams, which means both of my boys are being pulled out of their LAST DAY OF SCHOOL quite frequently.

Brian’s building project is put on hold for the weekend so he can help in camp. It’s been misty/raining for a couple of days now anyway which makes building a sloped roof difficult.

We’re trying to purchase our tickets to Iquitos, but there’s been some issues with the airline and prices, etc. We should have them in hand, hopefully, by next week. ??? The airlines down here will do like a 24-hour or 7-day non-advertised sale so you have to watch their websites closely and reserve your tickets literally just in time or you miss the special fare. We’re trying to go up with friends so none of us have to figure out transportation alone. It’s just kind of complicated right now. Pray it gets figured out! On the plus side, it was FINALLY decided that we’d only be in the jungle one month – Jan. 6-Feb. 6. That’s absolutely the best option for us and we’re really glad about it.

So, be in prayer for all of us down here! Gonna be a busy couple of days!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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