Last Week of November


Our Thanksgiving Family










We had a wonderful week celebrating Thanksgiving in a somewhat new way. I had a great time figuring out how to make my first Thanksgiving meal without any outside, motherly help. πŸ™‚ I began my preparations Tuesday and actually had everything done on time Wednesday evening. We had over the two American girls on campus, Abigail Knight (in the front) and Mattie Somers (in the back). It was nice helping them have a good Thanksgiving meal for the first time in a couple of years now.

Thursday, I had over my kids from morning classes for a “Taste of American Thanksgiving.”


Jared, Jeremy, and Dana










We even watched “Ernest Saves Christmas” – a movie my family used to watch every Thanksgiving as kind of a kick-off to the Christmas season. They enjoyed it and it was fun introducing them to something new culturally.

Thursday evening was also Grumi (“Grupo Misionero” – Missionary Group) for North America. We helped decorate our cafeteria with flags from Mexico, North America, and Canada. I helped Abby figure out how to help the kitchen make a kind of chicken chili (although beans are not eaten in Peru at night and spicy food is basically unheard of) for the students’ dinner. During the program, I prayed in French and Brian gave his testimony, in English (translated to Spanish).


Brian giving his testimony with David, his translator











And then my camera battery died so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the rest of the evening. But, Brian’s English class sang again and Abby had her morning English class sing with the little girls from my school in the afternoons. One of our young, single missionaries, Tito, gave the message and then we had some time to pray for missionaries and pastors in North America, including my father, our sending church who is visiting in July (yay!), and our friend Clay who is a pastor in South Dakota.

We’ve both been struggling with what we assume is allergies. We’ve been congested, coughing, and having a hard time sleeping now for over a week. Brian took today off so he could rest. We’re praying this passes soon!

Tomorrow, we’re going to a deaf church in the morning. Cielo’s church is having a “Family Day” and all the families of the kids are invited to come, have a special service, get a family picture taken, and share a meal. Karen invited us to go as her and Cielo’s family, along with Abby. We’re taking the motorcycle and Brian’s a little nervous about going that far (it will be about 45 minutes) especially since there are a lot of stray dogs and it’s not necessarily a safe area. We’ll post an update about how it goes! πŸ™‚

Brian’s been busy building a house this past month. Our co-workers, Jonaton and Shantal Odicio, are moving here to campus and so Brian’s kind of the “architect” (that’s what they’ve been calling him, but it’s really the equivalent of “foreman”) for the building project. That’s basically all he does, Monday through Friday. He’s also been adjusting and readjusting and writing and re-writing the house plans. This is on top of supervising the students’ work hours every afternoon. The house should be done, or at least close enough to live in, sometime in December.

I’ve been trying to get my kids to finish the school year well. Looks like at least one will be staying a few extra days to make sure he finishes well and not just “finishes.” I’m trying to figure out a Christmas/end-of-the-year party as well. On top of that, I’m working with the parents about how to keep the kids practicing English all summer while I’m in the jungle AND how to get the new curriculum for 2010 here before April. Anybody wanna come visit and bring down boxes of books?! πŸ™‚ Sue?!

Keep praying for us! It seems as though as the end of the year approaches, we keep getting busier.






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