Week in a Nutshell

Let’s see if I can recap this week’s events in as little words as possible…

Sunday evening, our guest, Dave Haas, came home from preaching with a very high fever. By Monday morning, he was very, very sick. Nothing had really changed by Tuesday afternoon, so our director took him to the doctor. They discovered that he did not have whatever is going around campus right now, but rather a stomach infection. We’re not sure how he would have gotten it, but the word “salmonella” was thrown around. Again, no idea how he would’ve gotten it, but after getting some antibiotics into his system and replenishing some electrolytes, he was basically back to his usual self. We were very thankful for that! He only missed one day of teaching, surprisingly enough (there are never classes on Mondays). If you happened to pray for Dave and Lois this week – thank you very much!

Wednesday was a day of prayer and fasting for BCM International. In the evening, from 7:30-10, we had prayer time. Each 10-minute block was divided up into praying for different ministries here and around the world in BCM. Wednesday after classes was an afternoon of baking for me (Lisa… I don’t know why I always identify myself, Brian never writes on here!!). Thursday evening was Thanksgiving, so I had to have three apple cakes baked and sliced before then. Between watching Cielo all Wednesday afternoon, baking three cakes, and finding time to practice piano for the first time in eight months, it was a busy afternoon!

Thursday after classes in the morning, I practiced piano again, then went to help decorate our cafeteria for the Thanksgiving Celebration. We had a ton of work to do to get it ready and honestly, at 6:00, I did NOT think it was going to be done in time! But, somehow, the workers pulled it together and we got it finished and it looked really nice.

The entryway to our cafeteria
Inside of our cafeteria










The goal of the mealtime was to sit as families. Each missionary couple had a table and the students could pick who they would like to sit with. During dinner, we were all to share with each other what we’re thankful for this year (like many families do in the States on Thanksgiving). Then, we had to pick one representative from each table to share with everyone during the program.

Our Table










Everything ran late, though, thanks to our power going out for about 20 minutes before the meal. Not sure what happened; every now and then our power gets overloaded and the whole campus goes black. And we do mean BLACK. It’s not like there’s street lights out here! So, everything was running a little late. All of us on the organizing team had to serve the food to everybody before we could sit and enjoy the meal. We had chicken with a typical Peruvian sauce, Peruvian mashed potatoes (which are used more like a sauce down here; they’re very runny and smooth, but taste better than it sounds), rice (of course!), and steamed mixed vegetables. It may not have been “Thanksgiving”, but it tasted good! Our table was filled… numerous times. They kept forgetting that WE had to sit there, too. 🙂 This is the group that ended up sitting with us.

Our "Family"










The program went very, very well. There was a lot of special music: Brian’s English class (he teaches English to the advanced speakers Tuesday-Friday mornings) went first. Then, the man Brian works with, Fernando, organized a small band to sing typical Peruvian mountain praise music. SO gorgeous!

The man with the full-size guitar is Fernando; the young man is a student; the other man on the small guitar is a friend of Fernando's











All of us “gringos” sang “I Will Enter His Gates” a couple of times. Trust me, after the mountain music, it sounded SO corny. But, people seemed to enjoy it.

The "Gringos" singing










The goal was for the Peruvians to sing their version of Psalm 100 (which has a totally different melody), but something got lost in translation and it didn’t happen. Which, surprisingly, was the only thing that went wrong Thursday night and it wasn’t even something anybody could notice. Another student, Nelida, sang “My Tribute” in Spanish. She has a beautiful voice and did a phenomenal job. We had a special speaker, who is actually one of the pastor’s of a church plant, Gimbler Picon. I realized at the beginning of his message that no one was translating for Dave and Lois, so I made my way to the back and translated the rest of the program into English for them. I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that on a regular basis, but it’s definitely easier going from Spanish to English than English to Spanish (both of which I’ve had to do this week for Dave and Lois).

Friday, I let my kids go at 11 (instead of 1) so I could come home and bake cookies for the graduation service Friday evening. Each of us had to make 100 snacks; it only took three and a half hours (I’m glad I didn’t frost them!). I also translated for one of our missionary girls who wanted to talk with Dave and Lois for an hour. We left around 6, on the motorcycle, for the MK school about 25 minutes from here for the graduation service. I knew I was to play piano and possibly do a little prelude beforehand. But, thanks to our bus full of students breaking down and people not arriving on time, I ended up at the piano for 45 minutes. About 25 longer than expected! 🙂 Somehow, that was okay with me.

The service was really, really nice. We had five young men graduate from “Ano Ministerial” (Ministry Year) which is the year of candidate orientation into BCM Peru. They have now done three years of Bible school plus this one year of seeing the behind-the-scenes workings of BCM Peru. Now, they will be placed in their official places of ministry. Granted, all of them are under-supported, so some of them won’t be able to start completely before more support comes in. Meet our new BCM Peru missionaries!

The new BCM Peru missionaries

From Right to Left:

Cristofer – will be working in the camp ministry here in Lima

Guillermo – actually the brother of our director, Carlos Odicio (at the microphone), so it was neat to see them together on stage. He is working in Llanchama with our Quiruma kids (the boarding school outside of Iquitos).

Ohtino – joining our Apoyo (Evangelism) Team. His goal is to head up a team to the mountain city of Huancayo hopefully within the next couple of years. He is getting married in April to a wonderful girl named Loida.

GianCarlo – working in FundIgle (Church Planting); his goal is to pastor a new church plant that we’re starting in the nearby city of Via El Salvador. We’ve been watching his relationship with another student, Dora, and are praying with them as they consider getting married next year.

Claudio – also part of FundIgle. He will be getting married to one of our single missionary girls, Cynthia, in December. In February, they are taking over a church plant in Manchay (also not far from here) so the pastor that’s been there can move to a brand new church we’re opening up in Via El Salvador in February.

Saturday, Dave and Lois headed back to the States. Sunday was a baptism here at camp for our four church plants. Next Thursday is a special chapel time – Grumi – where we’ll be focusing on praying for North America. We’re part of the team, so we’ll be working during the week getting everything ready and then I will be helping cook chili Thursday afternoon for the students’ dinner. Keep praying for us! We’re both either having allergies or getting a cold, neither of which we’d like to have. Brian’s been busy building a house for Jonaton and Shantal Odicio. So far, he’s managed to drop OSB on his foot and hurt his back. But, he keeps insisting it’s all part of the job. I’m trying to get my kids to finish their school year well, but it’s hard when they’re ready to be done and have checked mentally out of their classes. Keeping their focus til December 11 is going to be a chore!!

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  1. Well, if anyone said the life of a missionary is boring . . . I just can’t believe the school year is almost up! Didn’t I just drop off the stuff a few months ago?

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