Camps – CHECK!


We made it through the last weekend of camps for 2009! It was a crazy weekend, but we all survived. Although, everyone is still a little tired. We had 114 kids from World Vision this weekend. As much as I like what World Vision does, I have to be honest in saying that in person, I’m greatly disappointed with the program. It is advertised as a Christian organization in the States, but it does not conduct itself as such here in Peru. The kids are definitely never taught anything about the Lord. They were the hardest group of kids I think I’ve ever been around – which says a lot. They were disobedient, rowdy, dirty language, disrespectful… It’s one thing when there’s a handful that act this way. It’s another when all 114 act this way! We brought in Pennies for Peru volunteers and every single one of our missionaries that was here this weekend helped out. It literally took all of us to keep the camp under control. We are SO thankful for each of you that prayed for us this weekend!

We know Satan was trying to keep things from going well. One of the most visible ways was on our health. Last week, pretty much all of the missionaries came down with a form of the flu. I (Lisa) thought for sure I was getting it when I woke up at 2:30am Sunday and felt SO sick. I went to get something to drink and it hit me that maybe this was from the devil. I prayed in our kitchen and within 10 minutes, felt perfectly fine, like it had never happened. We were able to both participate all day Sunday, but by Sunday evening, something did hit both of us. We’re fine now and we never got truly sick, so we’re not going to complain!

However, one of our guests, Dave Haas, IS very sick. He came home Sunday evening from preaching and was running a very high fever. He is still sick this morning and they’re both very discouraged that he’s not able to teach today. Please be praying for him! Pray also for Lois that she won’t get sick either. You can pray that Brian and I won’t get it, either! That’d be nice! 🙂

Here’s some pictures from camp – including the bonfire that was Saturday night again, where the kids could throw a piece of wood on the first symbolizing giving their all to Christ. Continue to pray for the kids from World Vision that somehow, they would not only be given education, but also HOPE in Jesus Christ! Pray for the leaders that came with them, that something would continue to impact their lives as well. None of the leaders that came this weekend knew the Lord, so one of our new candidates took the time after the bonfire to share the gospel specifically with them. Pray that God would continue to reap a harvest from this past weekend of work!


Dave Haas preaching, being translated by Jonaton Odicio












Boys playing with the giant ball











Now it's the girls' turn!











Singing around the bonfire











Kids throwing sticks on the bonfire











Brian playing with Cielo










Tomorrow is a day of prayer and fasting for BCM International. Will you join us, even for a few minutes?

Thursday, we are helping organize a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration.

Friday is the commissioning for 4 new BCM Peru missionaries!

Sunday is a baptism for our 4 church plants.

Pray for us!








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