November Schedule

We’re sending out our monthly e-update this week. If you’re not on our list, drop us a note! We’d love to add you to it. 

We are beginning November and that means just SO much as far as our schedules go. Here’s an idea of our schedule through December, although all of it is subject to change (we live in a Latin country after all! Is there really anything set in stone?!):

  • November 7 – Day of Prayer and Fasting for BCM Peru. Will you join us in this? We could use some prayer as we are in the midst of a spiritual attack. If you are on our e-list, you will be receiving a letter from our leadership about it. Otherwise, let us know if you’d like more information and specifics to pray for.
  • November 7-8 and 14-15 – We are helping with two weekends of camps for 120+ kids (each weekend) from World Vision. Brian will be helping with games, security, crowd control, and emceeing (yup – in Spanish!!). I will be working in the kiosko (concession stand) and setting up the meals.
  • November 8-21 – Guest House for Dave and Lois Haas, a BCM Intl. couple coming down (for the last time) to teach and do some women’s ministry.
  • November 18 – Giving my testimony in a girls’ dorm during evening devos.
  • November 19 – Thanksgiving Dinner we’re helping put together. It’s also a goodbye party for the Haas’ (they’ve been coming for years, but won’t be able to come again). Brian and I are helping put together the meal, decorations, and program.
  • November 20 – Official commissioning service for three new BCM Peru missionaries. I am also helping organize this event.
  • November 26 – First Thanksgiving in Peru. Also, special chapel time featuring prayer for North American missionaries. We’re part of that team, so we’re helping organize the event. I will be helping cook chili and praying in French. Brian will be giving his testimony. We’re both helping set up and decorate.
  • December 4 – My last day of school for 2009!! Can’t believe it’s already over! Let the planning for 2010 begin!
  • December 8 – The Family Fair. It’s an annual event held here at camp that’s used to reach hundreds of people in our community. We have games, a yard sale, food, drama, Gospel presentations, music… a very busy, very full day of reaching out to our area.
  • All of December – Pennies for Peru Christmas Outreaches! The first year students and basically all the missionaries are involved in these almost daily activities around Lima and in a few other cities as well. Since we are no longer going to Iquitos in December, we will probably be helping somehow in these as well.
  • December 25 – First Christmas in Peru in our new house.

 Can it get busier??? 

This past week, we had the joy of spending the day with our favorite four year old. We’ve talked about Cielo here before. We just looooooove this beautiful little girl so when we were asked to babysit all day Thursday, we jumped at the opportunity. She hung out with me and my kids in school all morning. While I taught my 7th grader, Brian helped her do puzzles… for an hour and a half! In the afternoon, we all hung out together for awhile before Brian went to work. Then, Cielo and I had “quiet time” watching a cartoon. She may be deaf, but she sure followed that movie closely! The best parts of the day for Brian and I, though, were #1- when Brian left the house the second time, she jumped up on the couch, opened the window, and waved and waved until he was out of sight. Then, #2 – while watching the movie, she kept sitting up, giving me the sign for “I love you” and then wrapping herself around my neck. We had a hard time saying goodbye to her when Karen came to collect her that evening.








Saturday, we filled in at our church plant for a girl who couldn’t be there and I taught English (with Brian’s help) to about 15 kids. It was a lot of fun! If we weren’t so busy in the coming weekends, we’d probably go back again. 

Quite a few of our third year students are behind on their bills right now. In fact, before they can graduate, there’s an accumulated debt of $5000 (15,000 soles!). So, we’ve been helping the kids out – letting them use our oven to bake things to sell; giving them chores to do around the house so they can earn money; and even chipping in on a few bills for kids we’ve gotten really attached to. But, these kids could use more help! If the bills aren’t paid before December, a whole bunch won’t be able to graduate. Would you consider sponsoring a kid through Bible school? Drop us an email and we’ll send you additional information: 

Hope you’re all enjoying fall/winter! Heard it’s chilly in PA and blizzarding in SD. Hate to break it to ya, but it’s pushing 80 here and positively gorgeous! Maybe consider visiting…


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