Ninos Del Peru (children of Peru)

The goal of BCM is to “Reach Children and Plant Churches Worldwide.” Brian and I joined BCM International because that’s the desire of our hearts as well! Before coming to Peru, we learned that Peru has the highest percentage of illegal abortions… in the world. Whether or not this is true, we’re not sure. But, we DO know that the percentage of abortions here is abnormally high. I talked with a friend of ours here this week about it and she confirmed that abortions here, illegal though they may be, are done in crazy high numbers.

One of the things we see frequently posted literally all over are signs that say, “Atrso Mensual?” with a phone number underneath. They’re not very big, always white, and literally pasted everywhere there’s space. We were told that these are all advertising illegal abortion clinics. Yesterday, on the way to a town about 20 minutes away, I counted 85. Before I quit counting. Halfway to the town. That’s too many.

The other issue in Peru is human trafficking. Prostitution is legal; trafficking people of any age is not. However, many of the street children here in Lima have been brought here against their will from the mountains and the jungle. There’s a whole section in Lima made up of women brought here from Iquitos. Most of the places labeled “Hostal” are actually brothels – with trafficked women. We could not believe it when we read last week that so many kids on the streets – that we see every day – are actually kidnapped and working for their kidnapers. Makes us wonder how many of the kids we see every day are not supposed to be here.

So, how can you help us? Please pray with us for our “Casa Hogar” – our orphanage. BCM Peru has been trying to open an orphange since 2002. But, the paperwork has been stuck in government issues this entire time. We still can’t see an end in sight – and yet, we frequently have children left here that are in need of a home. Two of the missionary families here are known for taking in kids who need a home, putting them through high school, and helping them through Bible school. We need a Children’s Home – preferably 7 years ago when we wanted it.

You can also pray for our Apoyo (evangelism) team. Occasionally, they are given the opportunity to go into schools and talk about abstinence. But, “talking” about abstinence doesn’t fix the problem. I would love to see us doing more to help the pregnant women in the area who have nowhere else to go and no one to help them. An anonymous sign on a post is about the only help they have right now. And heaven knows, that’s NOT help!

Pray for Brian and I as we see how we fit into this picture. Pray for the leaders of Pennies for Peru – Robert and Zarela – as they deal first hand with children needing homes and help every week.

Peru’s population is over 50% under the age of 18. We live in the middle of the 4/14 window and we desire to be affective in reaching these little ones for Christ.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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