Long Awaited Updated House Pictures!

We finally have some updated pictures of our house to show you! So, without further ado…








Our whole house got varnished in August! It finally doesn’t look like Monster House!








My dad came in August and purchased blinds for our downstairs windows for us. So generous! We now have privacy! What a concept!








Here’s the completed kitchen! You can see our tiny oven in the middle. I don’t care how small it is – it works and it works great! Although, our floor is tipped just slightly to the back, so sometimes cakes come out lopsided. Ha!



















Both bathrooms are painted now! Phew! We hung a big mirror on the wall behind the door in the upstairs bath and then put a light above it. The goal is to get some kind of shelving system to put underneath it eventually. The colors look wonderful, don’t they?!


Our living room, complete with coffeetable and end tables. We purchased them at a local Industrial Park where you literally have blocks and blocks of stores selling furniture. You haggle your prices and pick the store that gives you the best deal AND has the quality you’d like. Normally, delivery is free AND you can tell them how you want them made, what color wood, how big, etc. These were all supposed to be white and wood, but we nixed the white part and got them done in all wood. Gorgeous!








The coffeetable up close. I (Lisa) have always wanted a coffeetable and I absolutely love this one. 🙂 Complete with room for pictures!

We still need to get pictures of our bedroom. Also, Brian has made a flower garden in the front of the house and once he gets the flowers planted this week, we’ll get a picture of that as well. He’ll be going with our gardner who knows a place where you can buy large, gorgeous bushes and other flowers for 50 cents apiece! Crazy!! Brian also wants to get a nice tree for our front yard, which shouldn’t cost us more than a couple bucks. Brian is working on clearing our backyard of giant rocks (the name of our town is “Picapiedra”, literally translated, it means “bedrock” and was named for all the ROCKS in our ground) and wants to build a firepit behind the house. He already found some bricks and a grill and cooked over the fire this weekend; it’ll be nice to have an actual firepit that we can sit around this summer.

Lots of improvements! Feels more and more like home!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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