The end of September hails the beginning of spring for us here in Peru! We cannot even begin to express to you how wonderful it is to finally see the sun! Since about the middle of June, we’ve only had a few hours of sun a couple times a week. We live in a river valley and the fog just settles in down here, normally thick enough that it feels like drizzly rain. Day in and day out, that gets a little old. But, lately, the fog has been lifting higher and higher and today, it actually DOES feel like spring!

To celebrate the coming of spring, we had a few fun activities last week here at the Bible school. Wednesday was our day of Olympics! All the IBYM students were divided into teams and they competed in a day of Olympic-like events (long jump, high jump, relays, etc). We ate Peru’s famous coastal dish for lunch – cebiche. Cebiche is raw fish “cooked” (marinated, really) in lemon and herbs until it is just perfect, then it’s served with chicarron (fried meat, sometimes fish, sometimes pork or chicken), sweet potato, and corn. We finished out the day with a fancy banquet that evening where everyone was to have a date and the boys were given an opportunity to buy roses for the girls. Here’s a few pictures from the Olympics so you can see the activities:
























Then on Friday afternoon, we planted flowers around the campus, trying to get into the feeling of spring. All the kids (including the ones that don’t attend my school) were able to help plant flowers around the school building. It was awfully cold and windy Friday afternoon, but the kids really had a lot of fun planting flowers!





























A couple of weeks ago, we had an event called “Festiclub” here at camp. Festiclub is held a couple times a year and is a time for all the Bible clubs in an area to come together and have competitions for a day. They all get dressed up in their club colors and they compete in areas of banner (they make their own team banner), color (they have to wear as much of their color as possible), song (they make up a song or chant for their team), verses, and knowledge from their club times. The third year students are in charge of the different Festiclubs and they work with the club leaders to get the kids to come and participate well. Festiclub for the cities of Manchay, Pachacamac, Picapiedra, and Via El Salvador was held here at IBYM. They had a pretty good turnout and it was SO fun watching the kids get excited about Bible club!

























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