September Happenings

I’ve been waiting to update our blog until one important thing happened this month.

We bought a motorcycle!








 We had been debating the purchase of the moto for quite awhile. We had numerous reasons for why we’d like one, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to actually make the purchase. After much debating… we finally took the plunge. Even though we won’t be taking this to downtown Lima, it will get us to the grocery store and to church. There are so many times when Brian has to price-check on building supplies or drop electronics off to get fixed and every time, he had to borrow a car. 90% of the time, cars were either busy or out of commission, meaning Brian’s work was put to another day… another week… another month. Now, with the moto, he can do a lot of the work he needs to without inconveniencing anybody or waiting around for a vehicle.

Brian also got this handy little thing up and running:








It’s been sitting around for about a year. They finally gave it to Brian to see if he could fix it. Two days later, it was up and running. People are slowly beginning to understand (and trust!) Brian’s mechanic and carpentry skills. 🙂 This has been really handy for running around campus (we live about as far from everything on campus as you can get!) and for transporting tools, etc, around the campus. We’re hoping that he’ll get it running well enough to be able to use it in camps this summer like a make-shift hayride.

September has also been the month of finishing up! We were FINALLY able to have time to paint one of our bathrooms:










This weekend is when we hope to complete the second bathroom upstairs as well. We were also able to go to the nearby Industrial Park and pick out furniture! Our dresser, two night stands, a coffee table, and two end tables will be delivered the end of this week. Yay! The house is coming along.

We also hosted Guest #11 this past week – a gentleman from Illinois who enjoys traveling the world, seeing what missions looks like around the world today, and sharing with churches in the midwest about it. He was here for five days and left this morning. Our next visitors to camp will be in November – a couple from BCM Headquarters in Pennsylvania. We cannot WAIT to see Dave and Lois Haas!

September is SPRING here in Peru (supposedly… still feels pretty chilly to us!) so tomorrow, we’ll be planting flowers around campus. Wednesday is IBYM “Olympics” – a day of competitions. Wednesday night, we’ll be having a fancy Spring Banquet, complete with Peru’s national dish: cebiche! It’s a raw fish dish that’s “cooked” in lemon. Very exciting.

So, how was YOUR September?


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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