6 Months!!


It’s official: Today marks the 6 month anniversary of arriving in Peru! Wow.

So, what have we experienced and what have we learned in these (incredibly short) 6 months?

  • Spanish is spoken very fast. Oh good grief.
  • Laundry can take 2 hrs to dry in the sun during the summer, but up to 2 WEEKS in the humid winter.
  • Peruvians are all about relationships. Time is secondary. Since everyone is like that, no one worries about time. It’s freeing, really.
  • Without rice, we’re pretty sure Peruvians would starve to death. 😉
  • Coffee may not be easy to find, but when you do – it’s SO WORTH IT.
  • Tres Leches cake, Peruvian Chinese food, and Inca Kola are our new guilty pleasures.
  • A “short trip” to the grocery store usually lasts about 5 hours. Just imagine what a “long trip” looks like for us!
  • The sun rises at 6am and sets at 6pm… every day… all year long.
  • Most every “amenity” we were used to in the States is available somewhere in Peru, but always at a price.
  • Peruvians loooove their soccer and volleyball!
  • Peruvians enjoy parties… that begin at 10pm and last until about 3am. On Tuesdays.
  • There are at least 4 versions of “Happy Birthday” that are sung every single time someone has a birthday.
  • Every part of every animal is eaten in some form – nothing is wasted.
  • Soup, in the mountains, is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner year-round. Soup is normally where the “every part of every animal” is found.
  • Spicy food is not the norm here.
  • A tall, white, blonde girl will always stand out, be stared at, and be ripped off no matter how good her Spanish is!
  • “No mas”, “Hola, mucho gusto”, and “No gracias” are essential phrases to learn right off the bat!
  • Flowers, spiders, crickets, and fruit are abundant year-round.
  • Spiders come in abnormal quantities.
  • If you don’t know a word in Spanish, say it in English with “mente” on the end and you’re normally close enough they know what you mean!
  • Poverty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Water will make you sick. Food off the street will make you sick. Looking at something cross-eyed will make you sick. Eating right or eating wrong…. does it really matter? You’re gonna get sick anyway.
  • Medical help is CHEAP.
  • Peruvians love mimes, clowns, drama, music… anything theatrical!
  • Peruvians love to dress up and play games – no matter the age!

And the stats:

  • Two trips to the jungle
  • One trip to the mountains
  • Three touristic trips to downtown Lima (Brian)
  • Countless shopping excursions
  • Two small iced caramal lattes from Starbucks
  • Three pizzas
  • One box of brownies
  • More rice than we ever thought we could possibly eat
  • Hours upon hours of listening to and studying Spanish
  • 8 churches
  • Hosts of 10 visitors in our home
  • Two major American holidays and one major Peruvian holiday (their Independence Day)
  • Two major illnesses (and countless “minor” ones)
  • One visit from a friend and one visit from a family member
  • 10 Hours (more or less) on Skype
  • over 1000 pictures
  • Memories to last a lifetime.

Brian’s personal thoughts:

Over the past two years, we went through things we just did not understand – things we weren’t sure how they would ever make sense in our lives. Now that we’re here, I can see how God used every single one of those problems to teach us something we would have to know down here. Without those lessons, we would not be where we are today. God has continually provided for us – we have never gone without. God has shown us that if He says no to something we desire, it’s for a reason that we’ll understand later. He has given us our needs, as well as our wants, all in His timing and for His glory alone. I’m thankful for all He’s teaching us and excited about what the future holds for our ministry.

Lisa’s personal thoughts:

Last year when we went through cultural training, we knew we’d be grateful for it. This year, we are just brushing the surface of how thankful we are for it! It’s hard to believe that we’re finally where God called us to be. All that waiting and wondering and feeling out of place in the States had a purpose. Now, it’s been six full, very busy, very exciting, stressful, fun, hard, enjoyable months and we still wake up every Monday and go, “Wow, another week here in Peru. We are so glad we’re here!” We feel it’s an honor and a privilege to be chosen for such a ministry as this and we can’t imagine life anywhere else. Days may get rough and culture can be stressful, but God so obviously has placed us here, how could we ever turn back?

We could not be here without your prayers. Yes, the finances are important as well, but the prayers – above and beyond – are what keep us here. They are what keep us going when things are rough. They are what encourage us when it seems like we just can’t go on. They are what keep us healthy, learning, and excited for the jobs God has called us to do. YOU are what keep us here. YOU are our partner and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our team.

Rejoice with us! Six months down~ a lifetime ahead!


Published by

Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “6 Months!!”

  1. Brian and Lisa,

    What a privilege to meet both of you in Peru this past July. You were wonderful Hosts. Praying for you often. Stuffing, Corn Muffin Mix and Coffee is on my counter waiting to be shipped to you. Both kids start school next week so hopefully I will have time to get it shipped. Congrats on 6 months!

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