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We’ve had two commissioning services lately here in Peru. At the end of July and then again last night, we commissioned a total of six people to head out in the mission field. Last month, we commissioned these three:
From left to right – Isaac, our director Carlos Odicio, Julissa, and Ester (but we all call her “Techi”).

These three will be headed to Tarapoto, a jungle city. They will be the first to bring BCM Peru officially to this region of Peru. Their region includes more than just Tarapoto proper; they will be going out to different districts as well. They will be working with area churches and developing Bible clubs and teacher training, among other things. None of these people are from Tarapoto, so this is really cool to be sending them out. They have all been raising support for quite awhile and have been quite anxious to get going. We are so excited (but very sad!!) to see them go. Isaac went with Brian almost every time to purchase supplies for our house. Julissa and I have become quite good friends; I’m sure going to miss having her around. Techi is one of the only people working in the camping ministry; we’re ALL going to miss her hard work! But, we are SO excited to see them go. Next weekend is their official welcoming to Tarapoto. My father will be the special speaker for a 2-day pastor’s leadership conference.

The other group we commissioned last night are these lovely folks:

The first couple is Claudio and Grace (the little girl is not theirs). They’re a young couple (married 2 years) who have been raising support for quite awhile as well to go to Iquitos. They a part of our Apoyo team, which is our evangelistic team. Claudio is from Iquitos; Grace is from Lima. Grace’s family lives here on campus and her parents will be in charge of the children’s home once we get the permits for it and it gets built. They have been anxiously waiting to go to Iquitos and join the small team we have up there. Currently, we have three missionaries in Iquitos. But, the one lady up there has had horrible health issues and the operation she had a month ago has put her on medical rest for the next three months. They are in desperate need of additional help in Iquitos! This seems like perfect timing for Claudio and Grace to arrive. We will sure miss them. Claudio helped us on the house and has helped us do shopping in the local market. Grace speaks English and they were some of the first people to make us feel welcome here.

The second picture is of Elsita! Elsita is part of the Development Team, which means she’s been making all of the visuals, powerpoint displays, puppets, costumes, curtains… you name it, she can make it. There are only three people on the Development Team here, so her leaving is going to leave a big gap! She is also going to Iquitos (her hometown). She will be living in Llanchama at the boarding house we have (the same property Brian goes and builds at). She will be like the house mother to the girls living in the boarding house. This job could NOT be more perfect for Elsita! She’s a little mother here; she’s going to love her new job. She knows the girls and she knows the area, so this just works out beautifully. But, we’ll miss her as well. She’s another one that’s just made us feel so welcome. She may not speak much English, but she’s sure helped me with my Spanish and been someone I could feel comfortable around. But, she is greatly needed elsewhere. She’s been waiting for awhile to serve in kind of a more out-front way, so this is perfect for her.

Next year, we hope to commission a team to Huancayo – the first mountain city BCM Peru will go to. We have a few candidates in Ministry Year right now that are interested in this work. We’ll see how God leads! From there, the goal is Cusco and then…who knows??? You can see the light going out from Lima – it’s a pretty cool image.

We also have a need we’d like to present to you:

Our Apoyo team has been without a vehicule for awhile now. In order to better accomplish their ministry, they need a mode of transportation. At this time, they are using public transportation, which can be pricey and is inconvenient (especially when they have supplies to bring with them!). If you feel you would like to give to this need, contact BCM International.

On a side note, every ministry here is lacking in transportation. There are new transportation laws that are coming slowly to affect this year and will be in full affect next year. These new laws are making our buses unusable, which is a big problem. Please pray that God would provide transportation for IBYM, Pennies for Peru, and camps! And even personal vehicules for us missionaries. Thank you!

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