A Real Update!

I feel an apology is necessary for our lapse of blog entries. Between lack of internet and busy-ness of life, we just haven’t been able to blog. So, I’m going to try to include as many pictures as possible and try to catch you up as quickly as possible.
We did entertain two teams from the States right at the end of July. The first team consisted of 22 people and arrived Sunday the 19th of July. But, they went immediately to Iquitos; we never even saw them until they got back here to Lima on Thursday the 23rd. The second team was 12 people and their original plan was to go to Honduras. However, due to all the governmental issues there, their trip was canceled. Last minute, they made a call here (the main leaders were here 5 years ago) and asked to come for two weeks. They arrived Tuesday the 21st, stayed here in Lima until the 23rd, and then flew to Iquitos until Tuesday the 28th. We had people staying in our house the whole time, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Brian and his crew finished the new guest house literally hours before the group needed it. Then, Brian was needed to go on trips with the groups since he had the time, could be a guard, and speaks and understands just enough Spanish to get into trouble. 
The 27th of July began Conoce Al IBYM – “Get to Know IBYM” – the big open house for the Bible school. We had about 150 visitors, which is pretty good, but a little low. We normally have about 200, but due to the fear of swine flu, people aren’t going out in big groups. CAI included a lot of competitions – soccer, volleyball, and a new one: splashball (paintball, but with sponges to throw instead of guns). We had two chapel times a day and the youth pastor of the larger group did all the special speaking. He did a phenomenal job. Each session continued with the last one and they all coincided with his first illustration. He took a clay pot and talked about how God had made everything perfect and beautiful. Then, he threw the pot on the ground and said that we destroyed it all. So, the last session, he had three missionaries break three more pots and everyone who wanted to could come up and take a piece of broken pot, representing whatever part of their life they’d like mixed, and lay it at the foot of the cross that was built and put at the front of the room. It was really quite moving to see how many teenagers went up front. Made the long three days really worth it.
The Splashball Course
The winning team! Before the match.
The final match, with the growing crowd.
The winning team, getting their trophy.
The winning soccer team, from a district called Callou, the equivalent to the Bronx. Tough crowd.
The winning volleyball team, also from Callou.
The 3rd place team for soccer – all the visitors from the States! That’s actually really good, considering who they were playing against! 🙂
The American teams, including the three boys who lived here for two months doing building, were all gone by August 1st.
Goodbye Chadds! Also known as Chad, Justin, and Anthony.
August 2nd, we left for our annual missionary retreat. Every year, all the BCM Peru missionaries take a 5-day long break all together. We travel to a different city, do some sight-seeing, and spend time together, getting to know each other outside of a work basis. This year, we traveled to Cajamarca.
Cajamarca is a city near the base of the Andes Mountains, about 2600 meters above sea level. Cajamarca is famous for being the last place the famous Inca leader Atahuallpa lived. He was killed by Francisco Pizarro (the famous Spanish conquistador). We got to see the house he was held captive in, which included rooms he had filled with silver and gold to ensure his freedom (which didn’t work in the end).
The house he was held captive in.
Cajamarca is a very typical Peruvain mountain city. The people love knowledge and bettering themselves, so there are multiple universities in the town. The older generation dress in typical mountain garb. The women wear knee-length skirts – multiple layers in many colors – along with a cowboy style hat and long, braided hair. The men wear farming clothes with the same type of hat. They still farm – milk, cheese, honey, fish, meat. Their way of life is still quite simple. They enjoy soup for every meal and are good at using every part of every animal. 
We did a few days of sight-seeing with our entire group (about 30 of us). The view was gorgeous. I had to take elevation medicine in order to counter-attack the affects of the high altitude.
The Eyes of the Inca – a burial place the Incans used hundreds of years ago.
We had dinner a few nights with different groups of people, some of whom we don’t necessarily spend a lot of time with normally. The last day, we went to the “Banos del Inca” (Incan Baths) which are natural thermal waters the Incans used to bathe in. They have now constructed actual baths – showers, hot tubs, bathtubs, pools – that you can pay to enjoy. We just walked around to see the area. It was really quite pretty and seeing the actual area the Incans used was pretty cool.
We came home on Saturday. It felt really nice to be home!! We go back to work this week and are looking forward to a bit more normalcy. Brian is planning on doing more finish work on our house. My father arrives August 18th and will be in Peru for about a week. He’ll be traveling to another jungle city, Tarapoto, to do a pastor’s conference. We are starting BCM Peru Tarapoto this month and our three missionaries will be arriving and beginning their work that same weekend.
That about covers it for us! Hope that brings you up to speed. We will try to do better at the blogging, as long as our internet permits. Thanks for your prayers!


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4 thoughts on “A Real Update!”

  1. Hello
    my name is Jozu
    I’m from Peru
    I was the same day that you were in BCM PERU
    I’m a missionary’s nephew and cousin luis bailly some missionaries from BCM
    I like your page because I go out in some photos …
    I am part the team that won the trophy ball splash: D I’m the guy with blue striped sweater
    I hope you keep visiting Bcm!
    God bless!
    Greetings to all!
    I hope you write me and remember me when I return to Peru

  2. Hola,tu eres brian?
    No vi tus fotos!
    Soy el primo de jeremy bailly!
    talvez te acuerdas de mi
    Bueno te escribo desde mi casa,ya no estoy en la casa de mis tios, elsa y luis(Lucho)
    Bueno espero que me respondas!
    Saludos a tu esposa
    Dios te bendiga!

  3. Hello, you’re brian?
    I saw your pictures!
    I bailly jeremy’s cousin!
    maybe you remember me
    Well I write from my home, I’m not in the house of my uncles, Elsa and Luis (Lucho)
    Well I hope you answer me!
    Greetings to your wife
    God bless you!

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