Brian – HOME from the jungle!

Brian made it home just fine. I thought I’d share with you the few pictures I was given of his time up there:
Moments after getting bit by a parrot… The bit bruised hard enough that it bled awhile later and then it still hurt for a whole week! Stupid bird.
Brian with an anaconda. He was NOT impressed. You can see it in his face; he was getting progressively grossed out and creeped out by it. The snake had been handled a lot and it was getting a little upset, so it had begun to writhe and Brian said it was quite heavy. Yuck!! When asked to hold a boa, Brian said no, he was good. 🙂
My favorite picture~ shows the relationship between Jonaton and Brian perfectly! These two are really good friends… they think too much alike most of the time, though. 🙂 Oh, they’re holding a baby crocodile, fyi.
Brian was talked into holding the crocodile. He wasn’t too impressed.
And this is a sloth! How cool is that?? The three guys standing behind Brian are the three American guys from PA who came to do construction for two months. Brian turned around and handed the sloth – face forward – to one of them and the sloth stuck out its nails and hung on. Took the workers forever to peel the sloth off the shirt!! Too funny.

So, there ya go. A little glimpse into Brian’s jungle trip.

Tomorrow, we’re having a BCM baptism here at camp for our area church plants. At this point, I’m not sure where or how they’re actually going to do it, but I guess we’ll find out!

Brian is continuing construction on a new classroom/guest room building. It has to be done by Tuesday; they’ve still got quite a bit of work left to do. He’s very, very busy. No days off for at least another two weeks!

Next week, the two groups are coming. One of them actually missed their flight this morning and so are arriving tomorrow morning at 6am, but taking off almost immediately to go to Iquitos until Thursday. Brian and a few other men are going to the airport earllly tomorrow morning to get the extra bags this group has brought for the ministry – and for us! My parents packed two suitcases full of stuff for us. It’s all things we already owned to help finish furnishing our house, some of which we didn’t think we’d see again, so this is VERY VERY exciting! Kind of like Christmas. 🙂

Another week and we have Conoce al IBYM..SO MUCH prep work left for it!! And then…vacation. Hopefully. Some problems have arisen just recently, so there may not be a vacation this year due to those and to the face that a lot of us are struggling financially and may not be able to afford to go. So, I guess we’ll see. Deep in my heart of hearts…I wouldn’t mind staying home for a week with NOTHING to do and no one else around. Might be kind of nice. But, we’ll see when the time comes.

Keep the prayers coming!! Lots of BUSY-NESS ahead!!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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