Almost “Listo”! (finished)

Brian comes home tomorrow! So very exciting. They finished the work they went up to do, which has GOT to be a good feeling. They actually finished yesterday, so they were taking today to rest and do some hanging out in beautiful downtown Iquitos. Brian’s allergic to something, so he’s struggled with a sore throat and sinus headache for the past few days. He’s ready to come home. I have to say, I’m ready for him to come home, too! And we found out he will not be going back next week, which is actually a big answer to prayer. To be honest, our support level has dropped a little bit (which we half expected before we left), so with building the house and all that entailed, we really didn’t want to have to buy another plane ticket.

We have two teams coming next week! They’re both from Pennsylvania and will be here the exact same dates! So, we’re sending one group to Iquitos right away (the same trip Brian is NOT going on) and when they get back, we’ll send the 2nd team either to Iquitos or Ica. This way, we’ll only have one group here at the campus at a time. We just don’t have the room for everybody here all at once! But, it should be fun. We’re housing the leaders again, for both groups, as far as I know. We really enjoy that.

Then, the 27th-30th, we have a big open house for IBYM called “Conoce a IBYM” (“Get To Know IBYM”). We should have a couple hundred young people here for those days, hearing about the importance of Bible school and seeing how life here functions. Very exciting.

One of the things that saddens us here with the Bible school is the number of kids who can’t stay the whole year due to lack of finances. Right now, in the middle of the year, we are missing about 1/3 of our student body because of financial issues. They have been asked to go home and either raise support or work – or both. The big problem is that many Peruvian churches don’t believe in sending missionaries overseas, so when the kids come home from having a year (or less) of training, they offer them paid, full-time positions in their church because they normally have more Bible training than their pastor at this point. So, because they can’t afford to finish the last few years of schooling, and they want to do ministry, they leave. One boy is leaving on Monday and it burdens us greatly to see him go. He desperately needs another year of training and he wants so badly to stay, but nobody back home supports him, he has no money, and his home church offered him a good job. Plus, his church is very fundamentalist, Baptist, and doesn’t believe in sending missionaries overseas, so they told him they wouldn’t accept him as a missionary if he stayed with BCM. Big dilemma. My heart breaks for him and so many like him.

If you feel the Lord placing it on your heart to sponsor a student, the cost is only $60 a month. This pays for room, board, meals, books – everything. Drop us an email if this interests you. Even if you could sponsor a student for half a month (the same amount as sponsoring a child with Compassion), they can normally get the other half. Let us know! We can provide pictures and stories – just like with Compassion. šŸ™‚ And they would be MORE than happy to write you about their progress in Bible school. And most of these kids are from the jungle or the mountains, so their stories are FASCINATING. Think about it and let us know. Thanks!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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