The Fourth of July, in Peru

Saturday evening, I decided to have some friends over to celebrate the fourth of July. The girl that’s staying with me at night while Brian is gone is from Vermont, so we thought we should do something a little special.

Here in Peru, you can get hamburgers. Good ones, too. They’re just not made with hamburger meat. They’re like processed meat and sometimes, it’s questionable what kind of meat you’re actually eating. So, I decided to introduce our friends to REAL, American hamburgers! Peruvians LOVE potatoes and mayonnaise, so I knew potato salad would be a big hit, which it was. We also provided chips and salsa (“salsa” in Spanish is “sauce”, so having “salsa and chips” was a little strange to them as well!). We also provided cheese and fried onions for the burgers…again, very foreign for them. And for dessert, a few more people came over and we roasted marshmallows over my gas burner and made s’mores! Abby even had patriotic music playing on her computer. All in all, a pretty good evening. I think we may have to do it again next year!

Abby & I

Janelle and her giant hamburger! Her little mouth almost didn’t fit around it.

Jeremy, my 7th grader, with his s’more. He’d only ever seen them on TV. He was very excited to actually try one.

Karen, an IBYM student, with Cielo. Karen works with special needs children on weekends and Cielo is a four year old she takes care of normally all weekend long. Cielo is deaf. Her mom has many children, but no husband. All the kids are from different dads. And she’s only 23. Cielo has kind of been left out. So, Karen has taken over. She’s teaching Cielo sign language and working with her to form words. Cielo is positively the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen! After dinner, and playing with Janelle, she decided it was time for bed, so she curled up on the couch and promptly fell right to sleep. 🙂

Claudio and…

…his wife, Grace. They are moving to Iquitos in August to serve with BCM Peru up there.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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