Brian in the Jungle…Still.

Things have been going much better in the jungle for the men. They got a lot accomplished between Thursday and Friday. Brian said they feel they should get both buildings up, which would be a big accomplishment. They do not need to do the roofing, so that makes the job much faster. They have been battling the heat, though, which slows them down somewhat.

They were able to take Saturday off and do some actual sight-seeing of Iquitos, which we didn’t get to do in March due to the busy work schedule. They took a boat up one of the rivers to see where it joined up with the Amazon. Brian said the waters were two different colors and when they hit the Amazon, they colors stay separated. They went to a wildlife preserve. All the animals were running free, so they were met at the boat by a bunch of monkeys of all different sizes. Brian said they were climbing all over the people and followed them through the entire place. There was a giant, live anaconda Brian was talked into helping hold. He said he hated it and so refused to hold the boa constrictor a little later! 🙂 He did get bit on the hand by a parrot, though. He said it’s all bruised and hurts today. Ah, the things that happen in the jungle. In the afternoon, they rented motorcycles and six of them went out into the countryside.

In the evenings, since Thursday, they’ve been attending the missions conference. I guess they’ve had a pretty good turnout, which is good. Tonight was the last night of the conference. Our director comes home tomorrow; everybody else comes home Friday morning. Yay!

In other news, you can be praying for our safety here. We don’t normally need to worry about it on a regular basis. However, on Thursday, one of the single missionary girls was walking home from the bus stop and was mugged. The man followed her until there were no more street lights and then came at her with a knife and took all of her belongings. She’s okay, but is pretty shaken up. Girls are no longer allowed to go out at night by themselves. Safety has been upped somewhat. Since our house is somewhat “lejos” (far away) from the other houses, men have been checking up on me today to make sure I’m okay and don’t need anything. Thankfully, our doors are quite secure and we do have a night guard. We should be fine; but you can still pray for our safety. I went out Thursday afternoon by myself and all I keep thinking is – that could’ve been me! If I’d waited, like I’d planned, that could’ve been me. God has protected me; I’m sure He will continue to do so.

Tomorrow, as long as internet is still working (we’ve been having issues), I’ll post about my fourth of July celebration here at the house. It was quite amusing!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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