Brian in the Jungle – Part 2.

I’ve been hearing from Brian every night. They began work on Monday morning. It hasn’t been as hot up there as they had thought it would be. Global warming you know. 😉 One of the more annoying problems they have is that we do not own a vehicule up there. The truck we used back in March was borrowed and the owner sold it, so now, they’re renting a city bus that comes to pick them up every day and takes them to the village where our boat is docked. They are actually building two buildings this time, in a different spot than the rest of the campus (the boarding school). They are working on building the retreat center – two big buildings with bathrooms inside (the other buildings have outdoor bathrooms). Brian said it looks like they will definitely complete one and at least get the other well under-way. They are feeling more like they’re in the “jungle” this time than we did in March because the wildlife have made an appearance! Yesterday, while a man was chopping down a tree, he found a miniature three-toed sloth with her baby. Brian said they got to watch it climb the tree and sit up high the rest of the day, watching them. Some of the other men saw some rather large monkeys swinging through the trees! But, they believe they’re the kind that steal, so they’re having to watch their tools rather closely. 🙂 Great problem to have, huh?? You can be praying for the men, though. A few have been having some stomach problems; one man that arrived on Sunday has yet to get out of bed. Brian didn’t feel so well yesterday, but he said this morning that it seems to have passed. The Ministry Year students arrived safely last night around 10 from Tarapoto. Their boat trip only took two days, which is pretty good. Sometimes it can take up to five! The missions conference they’re putting on begins on Friday and goes through Sunday.

So, that’s all I know! More to come later this week, I’m sure.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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