Brian in the Jungle – Part 1.

Well, Brian made it back to the jungle Saturday morning at 6:30! He’s safely there and will be there for the next two weeks.

He went with quite a large group. There are three American guys here in Peru doing construction for two months, and they went up there. Three of our co-workers went, along with our director. A group of four men from the States flew directly to Iquitos and are there as well. Our fourth year students (Ministry Year) will arrive on Tuesday. They have been in another jungle city, Tarapoto, for two weeks and are right now taking the boat up the Amazon to Iquitos. I’m not sure the total of people that will be there up by Wednesday, but it’s quite a few!

They are all staying here:
which is where we stayed when we were in the jungle in March. This house belongs to an American family who are working with BCM Peru as well, but are currently in language school.

During the days, they will all be heading out to Llanchama (Yan-cha-ma) to work at the property BCM Peru owns, which is the same place we were at in March. Llanchama is a jungle village outside of Iquitos. It takes about an hour or more by car and boat to get there. This is the boat they’ll be taking out there ever day:

The property in Llanchama has three purposes. Two of them are still future; one is going on right now. The first and main purpose is to be a boarding school for high school kids from even further up the Amazon who have no other opportunity to attend high school. Llanchama has a high school, so if the kids have someplace to stay, they can go to school and have the opportunity to have a better life. We currently have eight kids living there; the goal is to have 30 total. Here’s a picture of the kids currently live there (don’t they look young??). The baby is Jordan Odicio, our friend’s little boy.

The second purpose is to hold camps at the property, for kids from Iquitos and up the river. The goal is to begin camps this coming January. So, the men are building, during these next two weeks, dorm buildings for the kids. When we were there in March, they built the boy’s dorm for the boarding school, along with their bathroom. But, additional buildings are needed for camps, including a cafeteria, which will not be built anytime soon. Here is a picture of the building Brian and the men finished back in March:

The last thing this property will be used for is a retreat center. The opportunities and options for a retreat center in this area are endless! BCM Peru has already held retreats in Llanchama, with a good attendance, but unfortunately, we had to rent a different property and it is just too expensive to keep doing that. So, once we get a few more buildings up, we will be able to have lots of retreats at the property! It’s very exciting.

So, Brian and the men will be in Iquitos doing construction. It’s hot and humid right now, so pray for endurance. The wood is very hard, making the work very difficult. There are poisonous snakes and spiders, so pray for safety! This weekend, they will be participating in a missions conference in Iquitos, which is one reason why the four men from the States and the Ministry Year students are up there. Brian was able to share his testimony last night in a church. Their schedule is very busy, so the time should pass quickly. But, pray for them! It’s not an easy job, but it needs to get done.

I will keep you updated on their progress as much as possible.


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “Brian in the Jungle – Part 1.”

  1. You explained Brian’s work and the purpose for all this work very well…and we are certainly praying for the safety of all the workers.

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